CryptoRiya is also a platform for Crypto-Currency’s future that allows anyone to spend, attract, sell, buy & send any crypto currency globally without any bank account.
While existing solutions offer to solve one problem at a time, our team is ready to build products that are safe, useful, & easy to use based on Ethereum Blockchain. This will include Crypto-Currency easy for cash payments and even a digital arbitration system.
Ultimately, our goal is to make any crypto currency that can be used in everyday life & earn money from any crypto currency in minutes around the world that will make each crypto currency completely efficient, transparent, and reliable.
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Cryptoriya provides P2P and P2E exchange facilities to their valued users. We
provide direct conversion of digital currency through our websites and applications.
In getting started, cryptoriya converts 600+ cryptocurrency as per your requirement of
cryptocurrency & we aim to capture about 100% availability of cryptocurrency
in 1 year.
Cryptoriya provides this service in many ways such as – cryptocurrency to
cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to purse, cryptocurrency to any bank
account, cryptocurrency to debit card, cryptocurrency to cash.
One of the most important things of the cryptoriya is no need for KYC from us
valuable users. This is a free KYC, so every user is free to use our services globally.
If you are talking about the cryptoriya security level, the cryptoriya provide a higher
level of security with the latest technology, and we always update the new security
levels as the technology changes from day to day.
We only use cold storage for any P2P exchanges & wallet transactions, users
need to provide 2FA code for security. The reason is as a
result transaction , our user operation is safe and secure.
Currently, many of the leading providers in the market impose excessive
commissions to convert Cryptocurrency while at the same time, cryptoriya
gives you free conversion of cryptocurrency; there will be no intermediaries, no
high Commission. Cryptoriya is the only best solution for users to exchange
cryptocurrency in any mode.
Some Steps To Crypto To Cash
  • Users Visit Our Website / App.
Users choose the crypto currency they want to redeem from the list of available currencies.
  • Site selection. 
Users can select Country & city from the list where they want to receive cash.
  • Enter the amount  
Our system checks the available cash limits from the agent for the selected city.
Users can enter the amount they want to exchange between the minimum & maximum limits.
  • Send Crypto Currency
Now the user can send the deposit amount to the displayed address and wait for confirmation on the blockchain network, and as soon as the deposit confirms the unique eight-pin pin will be created and displayed on the user’s screen, and the notification is sent to the user via email and SMS.
  • Visit our Nearby Locations.
Now users can visit there the nearest agent / cash location & give transaction no & 8 Digit Pin. Our agents check our app details & request OTP.
  • Accepting Cash.
Users give to our agents & agents to verify in our application & if verify otp succeed, our agent provide cash for user & transaction is complete.
Cryptoriya cards allow users to exchange any crypto currency in real-time. That
users can spend or withdraw at ATM, cryptoriya card is not necessary
maintain minimum balance.
Pre-Sales & Value
  • Pre-ICO Start
May 15, 2018 (09:00 GMT)
  • Pre-ICO End
June 10, 2018 (11:00 GMT)
  • Number of tokens on sale
15,000,000 CIA (15%)
  • Token exchange rate
1 ETH = 2000 CIYA
  • Acceptable currency
  • Minimum transaction amount
No Minimum
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Token Type
ERC 20
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