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CryptoRobotics is a desktop platform-terminal trading platform for MAC and Windows OS computers, tablets, iOS smartphones, Android, Windows mobile with a single tick get to and switches between major crytpo currency trades. CryptoRobotics makes specialized and trading analysis instruments like securities exchange terminals like Quik, Metatrader accessible for krypto. Enables clients to interface at the same time to 30 krypto currency trades and make exchanges in both manual and programmed modes. In this way, This trading robot is a system fit for observing markers freely in light of at least one conditions, which settle on choices in exchanges.

CryptoRobotics trading terminal is a software arrangement intended to act intelligently in an assortment of standard methodology that a trader needs to work in the currency market of crypto. The venture was produced for a free cross platform terminal for crypto currency trades.


Pre-setting CryptoRobot for trading calculations.

Trader’s evaluating on the value premise.

Robot constructor.

Auto-take after, Automatic Replication of fruitful trader exchanges that go about as keen contracts.

Marketplace (to offer robots made by traders in CryptoRobotics constructors).

A great many our clients will produce enormous measure of trading history information. This Big information alongside review rates of all coins from each associated coin trade will be utilized for multiple reasons: from appraisals and investigation, backtesting of robots to conveyance of our definitive objective – Artificial Intelligence CryptoRobots. To guarantee worldwide real-time access and low ping, we are sending cloud database conveyed on relatively every mainland.

The market volume

As per web-distributing for December 2017 13.3 million clients were enrolled in a stock trade Coinbase (San Francisco, California), however for the time being the stock trade’s turnover is excluded in the TOP-10 and takes under 3% of the aggregate trading market on the cryptocurrency trades. In the meantime one a player in traders on the cryptocurrency trades keep on keeping their assets on stock trades, in spite of existing dangers, and another part has cash wallets.

As indicated by the evaluations of different experts before the finish of 2017, there were from 5.8 to 11.5 million of interesting wallets for cryptocurrenciesin the world. By January 2018 in excess of 200 cryptocurrency trades have been made and they are working on the planet, and obviously every one of them has its own database, including traders database, which makes the estimation of the aggregate number of one of a kind clients unimaginable. In any case, the nonstop development of the market is accounted for by entrance: in excess of 100 000 clients join the platforms of cryptocurrency trades each day.

What makes CryptoRobotics Special?

Calculation and the Artificial Intelligence utilized on CryptoRobotics in algotrading. Manmade brainpower is not the same as all beforehand made items by the group with a complex of complex assignments. Among them:

a self-learning system improvement

association with a most extreme conceivable number of master databases staying away from organize blockage related with an excess of data and extra loads on stock trades

disposal of mistakes amid the databases choice

making of non-direct calculations for taking care of issues of traders

gathering input and working out extra trading systems that are excluded to the essential usefulness of trading robots

instructing the system to “thinking” for examination and making new techniques

what’s more, numerous different assignments that AI would suggest​itself be able to

System’s robots

A trading robot is a system equipped for free observing of important markers and settling on a choice on the exchange in light of one or a few pointers. Along these lines, the robot can totally substitute the client in the trade assuming control over all the essential elements of an effective trader.

Trading calculations inserted in robots, the utilization of specialized and measurable analysis techniques, its calculations for purchasing and offering, an arrangement of defensive strategies, adherence to hazard administration rules and a cash managementsystem – this makes the robots of the system a total trading system.

Robots Constructor

Existing trading robots in the terminal may for reasons unknown not meet the prerequisites of the trader. To createpersonal trading robot in CryptoRobotics terminal Robots Constructor is utilized, it doesn’t require anyprogramming abilities or information. The Constructor’s interface is instinctive, any client can test his trading technique on history and make his ownrobot in view of back testing comes about.

The Robots Constructor permits to make another trading system or change the current one without usingprogramming. To do this it is important to determine trading rules in light of an expansive number of inherent conditions, markers of specialized analysis, chance control strategies and different conditions.


Existing trading terminalsfor trading on cryptocurrency trade are for the most part paid and not cross-platform.

The fundamental terminals have just a web interface, and also TOP-10 stock trades by turnover, which essentially restrains the usefulness of examination and makes it difficult to have a web algotrading.

Crypto-currency trade rates shift broadly on the diverse stock trades, it is more gainful for a client to trade on a few trades without a moment’s delay, yet exchanging between trades takes a lot of time.

There are no novel toolsfor specialized analysis at the cryptocurrency trades.

Sites of stock trades and terminals are not always improved for various sorts of screens, including mobiles.

Robots exhibited on the market are not always dependable and don’t have an easy to understand interface.

There is no widespread and solid software answer for making individual algorithmic robots and testing them on the accounts.

A prepared base with trading strategiesin the crypto-currency market doesn’t exist.

A widespread rating of traders for considering and following an effective affair doesn’t exist.

Direct trading techniques rapidly lose their significance, require steady change, a self-learning system is required.

ROBO Tokens

ROBO tokens are monetary standards utilized as payments in CryptoRobotics terminal items, Payments for this terminal item can be through the protection of the client and can be through the Market robot.

Token data and ICO

Add up to token : 120,000,000 ROBO tokens

Sort : ERC-20 standard (ethereum)

Token for ICO : 57.6 million ROBO tokens


Begun : March 20, 2018

Lapses : May 20, 2018

Number of token s: 9,600,000 (8%)


Begun : May 20, 2018

Lapses : June 20, 2018

Number of tokens : 48,000,000 (40%)

Cost : 0.00015 ETH

Token Allocation


40% ICO







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