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ryptoRobots for algorithmic trading

CryptoRobotics is a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for macOS and Windows, iOS and Android for primary cryptocurrency currency exchange. CryptoRobotics makes technical and trade analysis instruments similar to stock market terminals like Quik, Metatrader available for krypto. This trading robot is a system capable of monitoring indicators independently based on one or more conditions, which make decisions in transactions.
A trading robot is a system capable of monitoring independently required indicators and making transactions decisions based on one or more indicators. Thus, the robot can almost completely replace the user in the trade taking over all the necessary functions of a successful trader.
The trading algorithm is embedded in robots, the use of technical analysis methods and statistics, its algorithms for buying and selling, a set of protective tactics, compliance with risk management rules and money management systems and all these make robots from a complete system of trading systems.
Basic strategy
Trade strategy is a set of predetermined rules that have been developed by traders to manage their trades. The simultaneous achievement of established values provides a signal to buy or sell trading instruments. Actually, this is a decision making model. The CryptoRobotics terminal contains a constantly updated database of trading strategies in the cryptocurrency market required for ongoing renewal of the system’s robot trading system, as well as for the Robot Maker.
  • Trade without Emotion
We know the emotional factor is a very decisive factor in the success of trading, often our analysis is good, our timing is good, but because we are not mentally strong, the execution of the trading can be a total failure. From a point of view that controls price movements, psychological factors do not have the effect of retail investors, but still without robots all the execution of urban movements is still done by people who have emotions, and not impossible to thwart the strategy that has been made carefully.
  • Minimize Information leakage
During this time the strategy is generally run by dozens of their confidence brokers in various securities used, so there is always the possibility of leakage of information from the brokers, to parties outside. Using the robot to execute the strategy in moving the price of opportunity leakage information will be greatly minimized, so even if rumors are released to the public.
The Cryptporobics platform uses an artificial intelligence solution for algorithm trading that consists of two elements: machine learning in the robot trading process and expert database to obtain reliable information and subsequent processing. Based on the algorithm built into the terminal, Cryptorobotics monitors trader strategies and identifies the most effective ways to optimize their work. In addition, the terminal can independently make trading decisions and adjust trade strategy improvements in ways that were not initially requested. Artificial intelligence depends only on probability and mathematical statistics that avoid the emotional mistakes made by traders.
The terminal has been built in an innovative database management system that allows analyzing and tracking effective strategies based on the history of market participants. The team developed the first working prototype terminal that integrates with the crypto exchange API and interacts with the database. In total, 6 stages of development are planned, in which robot trades, designers, and markets for robots will be added, as well as solutions using algotrading based on AI (artificial intelligence). Also, arbitration robots designed for business and hedge funds will be implemented.
Advantages of the Cryptorobotics platform:
  • Merchants will be free to use Cryptorobotics trading terminal.
  • Supported by most computers and mobile devices.
  • Availability of customized technical analysis tools.
  • Use API to connect to over 30 crypto exchanges.
Cryptorobotics has 5 main components:
  • Automatic trading robot with artificial intelligence for algotrading.
  • A comfortable robot designer with test mode for testing and optimization.
  • Marketplace that allows merchants to sell is made with the help of a customized designer and trading robot.
  • The cryptotraders reputation system uses equity parameters.
  • Possibility of success in a successful trading strategy
ROBO tokens from the standard ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain are the main calculation unit and only in platforms designed to access Cryptorobotics functions. With the help of ROBO token traders and future investors will be able to pay ready-made robot sales through the platform market.
This project has very good prospects and goes to ICO with ready-made prototypes. There is a strong team with rich experience in the financial sector. The Cryptorobotics project supports the largest cryptographic exchange including Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, CEX IO, Binance, Bitfinex, OKex, GDAX, Huobi, DEX, and Bleutrade.
Watch this video to know more about advantages of our product:
  • MARCH 2016
    Algorithmic robots for stock exchanges development
  • MARCH 2017
    Testing of algorithmic solutions on cryptocurrency exchange
  • AUGUST 2017
    Development of terminal concepts for cryptocurrency exchange and algorithmic ecosystems
  • NOVEMBER 2017
    Development team development
  • JANUARY 2018
    The prototype of the first working terminal
  • APRIL 2018
    Terminal: core and Windows versions
  • MAY 2018
    Terminal: Mac OS version. System robot
  • JUNE 2018
    Terminal: iOS Version and Android version. Floatation to the stock exchange
  • AUGUST 2018
  • SEPTEMBER 2018
    Robot constructor and robot market
  • FEBRUARY 2019
    Demo-version of Trader’s experience
  • JUNE 2019
    Release of Trader’s experience
  • AUGUST 2020
    Demo-version of robots on artificial intelligence
  • DECEMBER 2020
    Robotic release of artificial intelligence
  • Started: May 20, 2018
  • Expires: June 20, 2018
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