Welcome my dear friends.we all know that today there are many ways to make money online, and every day, these methods are becoming more and more. I remember 10 years ago, I used the services of trust management in the field of foreign exchange trading and the stock market, but the volatility of the currencies and assets represented there has significantly decreased in recent years, and the amount I had is not so large, in order to make good money. And then I learned about the cryptocurrency. I decided to study this investment tool in more detail. I saw that it shows a huge percentage of profits both for long periods of time, still at short distances.

I have a lot of Hobbies and interests. Keeping this blog, is one of them. Therefore, there is no time to constantly monitor the market, trade, keep abreast. I decided to make it a little easier for myself and use the services of professional traders and analysts, entrusting them with my capital, and at the same time ask them a couple of questions about their activities.
From a conversation with the Manager of my capital, I learned that in the work, even an experienced trader, there are many inconveniences. The number of cryptocurrency exchanges and tokens backed up by the company’s activities is growing every day, but the functionality remains low and it is very important for the trader to respond quickly in the early stages. I decided to look for information and find out whether it is possible to change the situation and what can improve the efficiency of the trader or investor. I came across the project CRYPTOROBOTICS, I made a clear conclusion that this project is worth considering in detail.

The team creates a decentralized interactive platform that includes many features and services to make it simple and easy for an experienced or novice trader to work. Platform to madness is simple, and adapted using the API to navigate in a single click on many exchanges. The developers have already shown their terminal at many international exhibitions, including the new York Consensus.

Trading robots are built on a platform that will track standalone indicators and will be able to replace the traders themselves by pre-testing them. The user can easily change the strategy without programming, a fairly simple and intuitive interface. In my case, this is a very important point. In the future, I will be able to refuse trust management services and save some of my money.

The platform provides a huge number of different functions. For example: among the rating, you can choose the most profitable or suitable strategy for you and follow it. Also, the function of auto-trading is implemented, users can copy successful traders and increase potential earnings.

Advisors and representatives of the project are actively promoting it, many investors from South Korea are interested, the possibility of placing futures on the world’s largest exchange CME Group is being considered. Unlike existing exchanges, this platform plans to connect about 30 crypto-currency exchanges, provide free use of the terminal (many others have a subscription fee), use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Payment for services will be made by ROBO tokens.
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Token sale ends on June 20, 2018, the project already has a demo version of the product, which you can download using this link: “Roadmap” is laid out until the end of 2020, which once again proves the seriousness of the project and the intention to occupy a large part of the market and help traders and ordinary people to earn in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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