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The electronic money exchange market is growing at an extremely high rate. There are currently dozens of large and small cryptographic platforms, serving the needs of millions of people. Each platform has its own advantages, but not always, the power of technology also brings advantages. Understanding your customers will bring tremendous advantages. The Middle East is a special land, with a culture that you can not find anywhere else on earth. Cultural heritage brings many challenges but also brings many opportunities for people to understand that culture, with the electronic money market is no exception. Crypto Souk platform was born

CryptoSouk is a company that aims to build next-generation digital asset exchange for traders of all skill levels with the ultimate goal of making digital currency transactions possible. accessible to everyone. CryptoSouk is dedicated to improving the customer experience with fast delivery, reasonable pricing, world-class customer service, endless improvements and unlimited creativity.

  1. Leading Transactional User Interface CryptoSouk is a leading commercial and financial technology company. They have also built the best digital asset exchange focused on the needs of professional traders and digital currency professionals. They are also dedicated to making digital currency transactions accessible quickly and completely safe.
  2. Major digital trade or Fiat currency CryptoSouk also offers all major digital currency and fiat pairs you like most to trade.
  3. Ordering CryptoSouk Book has a powerful and always updated real-time order to display purchase and sale orders with direct spread calculation, so you can always lock the level. lowest difference and get the best incentives. CryptoSouk also has an ordering system that can automatically calculate the cost and include it in price order so you can see what you will pay. For larger orders, they offer the ability to report transactions on the block, this is to ensure that the market will not move against you before the order is met.
  4. The commercial tracking platform CryptoSouk also helps you track commercial and technical history, which includes the built-in ability to save the current chart view to the jpeg format. CryptoSouk also offers custom area measurement tools to find time, change percentages and price changes, so you do not have to bother doing it manually. They even give users the ability to create a number of special reports including transactional activities, transactional activity, treasury operations, and saving CSV reports to facilitate retrieval.

Features of CryptoSouk

  • Many commercial views
  • Some look like price charts, depth charts, order books and the last transaction code
  • Multiple Indicators
  • 58 indicators available including linear regression, moving average and oscillator.
  • Special Trends
  • Ability to draw trend lines of outfits, pitch and scale more and move with the chart.
  • Interactive user interface
  • Customize colors and styles, borders, borders, borders, wallpapers, and grid.

Why Cryptosouk?

Reliability combined with a rich set of functions

Enjoy the best digital exchange of assets, focusing on the needs of novice traders, professional traders and professionals in the field of digital currency. We strive to ensure that digital currency transactions are accessible, fast and complete.

Original chart

Coordination mechanism of the company with the ability to perform 1 million transactions per second

Advanced API to access or provide liquidity to

20 other variant orders, including but not limited to; ISI or KILL, IOC, STOP, LIMIT.

Multiple integration capabilities for KYC / AML, bank / PSP

Institutional security combined with the Cold / Warm / Hot Wallet rules

Interaction with traditional infrastructure and DLT


CRYPTOSOUK can be a good long-term investment for you, as it is likely that the company will bring a good return on investment, but in the future. If you have enough patience, it would be nice to invest in this company.

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