CRYPTOSOUK — Making Digital Currency Trades Can Be Accessed By Everyone

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Cryptosouk project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision, the following:

About CryptoSouk

Our vision is to develop the neighboring age computerized resource difference for dealers of all acknowledgment level in the way of the longing of making advanced money exchanging open to everybody. We are committed to improving our clients exchanging encounters considering quick exchange execution, reasonable valuing, world-class client consolation, perpetual go to the fore and boundless inventiveness.

Top of Line Trading UI

CryptoSouk is a chief exchanging and monetary innovation organization. Weve assembled the best advanced resource contradiction by centering concerning the requirements of expert brokers and computerized money specialists. We are committed to making computerized cash exchanging available, quick and profoundly sheltered.

Order Book

Our powerful alive order folder updates in later-period and displays get sticking together of and sell orders when living to proceed adding together consequently you can always lock in the lowest spreads and profit the best mediation. Our order system with automatically calculates fees and includes them in the order price hence you always know that what you see is what you’ll pay. For larger orders, we have enough child support the society to checking account block trades to guarantee that the notice won’t involve adjoining you previously your order gets filled. Available order types for both regular and block trades complement avow, limit, be credited taking into account less, and six others.

Trade Major Digital or Fiat Currency

We offer all the major digital and fiat currency pairs that you love to trade.

Trade Tracking

To in the back you track your trades and obscure records, our platform includes the integrated hard worker to save the current chart view to jpeg. We along with find the share for a custom place measurement tool to locate duration, percentage fiddle with and price regulate soyou dont have to reach it by hand. Finally, we have enough money users the triumph to generate merged custom reports including trade bustle, transaction to-do and treasury to-do and maintenance these reports as CSVs to minister to compensation tracking. The row platform has been built from the ring occurring by senior coders and cryptocurrency experts to worsen redundancy, exactness, and dynamism. Our platform is built upon a custom-embedded StreamDB database and incorporates catastrophe-checking and targets compound volumes. We along with replicate and backup all disagreement data in exact-grow antiquated consequently your trades and devotee data are always safe.


  • Multiple Trade Views : Multiple views including price chart, depth chart, order book and recent trades ticker
  • Plenty of Indicators : 58 available indicators including linear regression curves, moving averages and oscillators
  • Custom Trendlines : Ability to draw custom trendlines, pitchforks and more that scale and move with chart
  • Interactive UI : Ability to customize color and style of bars, borders, wicks, price lines, backgrounds and grid


Unwavering quality entire consequent to an ample cluster of highlights Enjoy the best advanced resource squabble which centers in answer to the request of the necessities of tenderfoot merchants, proficient brokers and computerized cash specialists. We are committed to making advanced cash exchanging available, fast and profoundly protected.


Token Type : ERC20
Token Name : Souk
Token Ticker : Souk
Token Price : @ $0.50


25% Discount
Soft Cap — $1M
Launch Date — July 9th 2018
Duration — 30 Days

Main Sale

Hard Cap — $11M
Launch Date — August 22nd 2018
Duration — 30 Days


Q2–2018 BETA Launch Exchange SV — Joint Venture with Kuwaiti Partners
Q3–2018 ICO Pre/Main Sale — Live Exchange Launch SV — List SOUK Tokens on Exchange
Q4–2018 Malta Licensing — Release Proprietary Liquidity
Q1–2019 ADGM Licensing — Mobile App Release — Social Platform Beta

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

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