Records reveal that in 2008, a pseudonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto released detached details that gives the detailed of an idea for a new protocol for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system based on advanced cryptography. This opened the door to a new era. It took almost ten years for this breakthrough technology to become widely accepted, and today, developers have begun to apply the core principles of Bitcoin to many other applications. Blockchain technology opens up various possibilities to disrupt the world at so many different points. The future is decentralized

Crypto Souk is a block chain venture propelled as an exchanging stage of digital money from ST Vincent and the Grenadines and Kuwait. The trade propelled toward the start of Q3 in 2018 with exchanging sets supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. They likewise plan to proceed in including the exchanging support for any extra crypto resources that the stage feels it surpass certain constancy essentials. The trade additionally will considers account stacking by cryptographic money or fiat installments. In light of their establishing group’s aptitude, they have picked accomplices to enable them to convey both the trade stage, liquidity on our trade and an expansiveness of subsidizing alternatives.

The Crypto Souk Referrals program is additionally intended to produce viral development, and be especially speaking to both our customers who can utilize their inward circles and to Influencers who can utilize their high profile internet based life records to broadcast Crypto Souk. Crypto Souk has a basic and extremely compensating referral framework. Every client with a record on Crypto Souk Exchange will have their interesting referral code that can be imparted to others. Once another client joins utilizing this referral code, the arbitrator gets qualified for half of the exchange expense paid by their referral for a whole year. Crypto souk will permit a referral code which must be entered at purpose of record creation, additionally referral reward will be half of exchange expense paid by alluded client, the reward will be credited in a similar cash/token in which exchange charge was paid, where there is no restriction on the quantity of referrals one client can have.

Crypto souk has plan to utilize their token as a technique for commendable crypto resource ventures to reasonably pay for our posting charges. They will bring about a few expenses relying upon the idea of the hidden crypto resource and those shift contingent upon how comparative or different every advantage is from a square chain convention viewpoint. In any case, they will likewise trust that posting commendable undertakings ought not be an intemperate profit focus as it is to everybody’s greatest advantage to see them accessible to our clients with enhanced liquidity. Further, they are likewise anticipating the coming flood of security tokens and are finding a way to set up our stage from an administrative point of view.

Crypto souk innovation is arranged towards effortlessness, security, and unwavering quality to help a rich exhibit of highlights. Untouchable exchanging UI – CryptoSouk is a head exchanging and financial innovation organization. They have manufactured the best computerized resource trade by concentrating on the necessities of expert brokers and advanced cash specialists. They are devoted to making advanced cash exchanging available, quick and thoroughly secure.

• Enterprise coordinating motor with execution capacity of 1 Million exchanges for every second

• Native Charting

• Advanced APIs to get to or give liquidity to others

• Multiple coordination capacity for KYC/AML, Banking/PSPs

• 20+ request choices including yet not restricted to; FILL or KILL, IOC, STOP, LIMIT, and so on

. • Interoperability with Traditional and DLT foundation

• Institutional Grade Security joined Cold/Warm/Hot Wallet administer based frameworks

The token will be and ERC20 token on Ethereum called SOUK. We plan to raise a maximum of $10 million and a minimum of $1 million. There will be 52,000,000 SOUK tokens created @ $0.50 each. Assuming the Hard Cap is reached.




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