Cryptov8 bridge the gap between crypto banks and products

About cryptov8

Cryptov8 is a new hope for all Blockchain technology users. This project will create a bank that will utilize Blockchain technology, with this Cryptov8 will be a bridge between Cryptobanking with Products, and traditional banking services. With Cryptov8 this will increase global adoption and use of cryptocurrency. the planned creation of this technology-blockchain bank will take place in the UK.

Cryptov8 Excellence
Cryptov8 will be a full-service retail bank, the team will serve all ritel and UKM customers in a friendly way. This bank is founded by English regulate which is provided to serve Mortgages, loans, savings, and Giro. This project has superior superiority to existing projects, the team realizing the project aims to streamline the challenges often encountered by customers with the existence of this bank will expand the scope of adoption of cryptocurrency globally.
here are the things that Cryptov8 offers I quote from this page.

  1. convenience – Makes installing, accessing, and using your wallet directly ahead.
  2. Trust – As an authorized and regulated bank, Cryptov8 will apply the highest level of best industry regulatory and practice principles to protect all customers and users.
  3. security – Provides bank-level security across the wallet or asset storage, password retrieval, and fraud protection.
  4. Cost – Makes exchange and drawing fees cheaper and more definitive.
  5. Gifts – the best thing, all Cryptov8 cryptobank customers will receive a direct appreciation for their loyalty. they will get a share of the Cryptov8 cryptobank cost back to all the customers.
  6. Reception – Create a cryptocurrency payment stream.
  7. Education – Provides easy access to educational materials, an ever-expanding knowledge base and provides unmatched support to cryptocurrency customers.

And now I want to introduce you to ICO ICO

Project Time: 28 July 2018 28 September 2018

White / KYC: White + ZSK

Great Britain

Token Information

Ticker: CRV8

Platform: Ethereum Token Type: ERC20 presale Price:

1 CRV8 = 0,0002089 ETH

ICO price: 1 CRV8 = 0,0002646


Soft cover: 15,625 ETH

Hard cover: 156,250 ETH

Token detail

Token info

Ticker: CRV8

Ketics: token utility

Token Standard: no

Token Award at ETH: 1 token = 0,000265 ETH

Program Bonus:

Pre-ICO – 33%

ICO period 1 – 20%

ICO period 2 – 15%

ICO period 3 – 10%

ICO period 4 and until the end of the ICO – 5%

Distribution Token:

75% – sales of tokens

10% – Reserves to maintain liquidity

10% – for the initial team and placement

3% – Independence Bounty

2% – consul

It’s time to draw conclusions about the project. And the first thing I answered for myself was the direction of the project target at this time the market is very unregulated, which makes it very risky for investors and ordinary people. In turn, the aim is that Cryptov8 aims to combine the banking sector with crypto-currency technology in the regulation of traditional banking segments and existing cryptographic markets. Regulations will protect customers from the uncertainties and risks that exist in the cryptocurrency market today. As mentioned – existing traditional banks cannot provide high quality, transparent and secure jobs with currencies for their customers. Intermediaries in the form of banks receive exorbitant fees for their services, which is also an important issue. The project itself has high potential. There is significant interest among investors in this project. Although the hardcap is quite large, but I think the team will collect it


1. Q3 2016

The FCA approves a consumer credit license that allows us to provide personal loans and issue credit cards and conduct other consumer credit activities.

2. Q2 2017

Technology evaluation begins, a complete list of technology vendors is considered. The application process for a full banking license starts.

3. Q3 2017

Extensive market research is completed to identify consumer preferences, market trends and competitors.

4. Q1 2018

Regulatory Pre-Application Process. Regulatory Business Plan Generation.

5. Q3 2018

Banking platforms vendors are chosen. A complete banking license application is sent to the Prudential Regulatory Authority

6. Q1 2019

Full banking authorization license with restrictions given. Crypto Wallet / Launch Account

7. Q3 2019

Complete Banking License (without Limitation) is given. Launch of Banking Services. Phase 1 to enter: • Current Account • Savings • Unsecured Loans • Business Loans

8. Q2 2020

Crypto Account Expansion Service • Cryptomotiv8 (final feature) • CryptoG8 (FIAT gateway / exchange itself)

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