The cryptocurrency market is a billion dollar industry still facing a lot of challenges. Some of these issues include unregulated market and barrier of exchange between fiats and other digital currencies. The leading investors also control this crypto market called whales that determine the prices of every digital currency. Though we have different crypto exchanges that allow the trading of these cryptocurrencies, it’s still faced with fiat barriers for easy exchange. This makes the market unattractive to potential investors coupled with other challenges discussed above. That’s why an innovative blockchain based platform called Cryptov8 want to make the adoption of the digital currency massive in different industries. The blockchain technology used will allow the massive adoption of cryptocurrency all over the world.


This is a blockchain based platform type of financial services. This is meant to resolve the gap between the crypto market and traditional banking. The advantage of the innovative blockchain technology is to combine with the banging system to offers a user experience platform. This will allow efficient and transparent services because the blockchain technology will be a form of intermediary in the payment and others services on the platform. The platform will create universal wallets that will allow for the exchange of fiats to cryptocurrencies. The technology used by the platform will enable more interaction among organization interact with their users thereby offering low transaction fee. The artificial intelligence integrated on the platform will allow for efficient and easy access to cryptocurrency services by new users at all time. The token that will be utilized on the platform is referred to as CRV8 which allow the holder of the token to enjoy the different assets or services they have to offers.


Below are the different features of Cryptov8 blockchain based platform that makes it amazing:

  1. Training Materials
    The prospective investors don’t have the adequate knowledge they need to enter the risky cryptomarket. The platform will be offering the traders and investors education that will get them started in the market which will allow profitable investment and trading.
  2. Wallet

The secure exchange of fiat to cryptocurrency is one of the major issues faced in the market presently. And the few cryptocurrency exchanges allow the use of fiat for their investment or trading. The platform will enable the users to make the easy exchange from their wallets as opposed to the restriction faced in the traditional exchanges and banking industry.

  1. Cost
    The Cryptov8 will give the users lowers transactions fee to allow the efficient adoption of cryptocurrency globally.
  2. Incentives and Rewards
    The holder of the CRV8 will enjoy amazing discounts when they use the token for any of our products or services on the platform.
  3. SME Lending
    The users or holder of our token will be able to earn through SME Lending. The user of the platform can easily profit through the various crypto holdings.
  4. Market Regulation
    The banking industry is facing a lot of intermediaries in the process of transactions which leads to high transaction fee or charges. Also, the cryptocurrency market is faced with the unregulated market which makes the investment in the market risky if not impossible for new investors. The Cryptov8 platform will help break this barrier and make the market attractive to potential investors.
  5. Issues of decentralization
    Also, Cryptov8 will decentralize remittances, which are currently controlled by existing banks. This will offer customers access to the cryptocurrency market in a way that is easy, cheap or even free. This will improve the participation of clients in the cryptocurrency market, the Cryptov8 project tokens will be used as a payment instrument, or reward for specific actions within the platform.
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    There is an integrated artificial intelligence on the platform to familiarize new users with how Crytov8 operates. This will work you through all you need to do on the platform.


The utility token used on the platform is CRV8 a blockchain based type of token. This will be used for all transaction on the platform and holders will get amazing benefits when they use it for different transactions on the platform.
Ticker: CRV8
Type: Utility Token
Pre-ICO Date: July 14 to July 28, 2018
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH 4,788 CRV8
ICO Date: July 28 through 28 September 2018
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 3,780 CRV8
Soft cap: 15,625 Eth
Hard cap: 156,250 Eth
Payment: ETH, BTC and other fiats
Country: United Kingdom




The Cryptov8 platform is an innovative blockchain project that wants to remove the barriers encountered in traditional banking and crypto market. This will allow the massive adoption of cryptocurrency globally. The experienced teams behind this project will allow the successful execution of the project. Want more information about Cryptov8? Visit the links below:

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Bitcointalk Profile:;u=2038562
Ethereum Wallet: 0x1cff5da802703815aea69be79491c636369d0d1f


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