Cryptoxygen is a complete platform, which consists of exchanging cryptocurrency and wallets


Cryptoxygen is the first in the history of the cryptocurrency industry that made the cryptoexchange platform forge partnerships with equipment manufacturers – Thomson Computing – France’s electronic brand history since 1893 The Cryptoxygen platform will be integrated directly into more than one million laptops and tablets sold annually around the world.

Today, virtual currency trading is one of the most common ways to increase equity. However, this process is associated with a number of difficulties. The first and most important of them is to look for reliable digital currency exchanges at the most favorable prices and the need to switch between them in the trading process. The second difficulty lies in the low operating speed, which can not only increase the merchant’s capital, but even cause losses.

Cryptoxygen is a complete platform, which consists of exchanging cryptocurrency and wallets, to offer users the fastest and safest solution for buying, selling, and storing crypto assets at the lowest price.

This is the first in the history of the cryptoworld industry, that the crypto exchange platform entered into partnership with hardware manufacturers – Thomson Computing – (since 1893 the French brand for historical electronics). The Cryptoxygen platform will be directly integrated into more than one million laptops and tablets sold every year around the world.

As a result, it will generate a large number of users and gain fast market share by increasing the value of our tokens.

Cryptoxygen is a blockchain-based ecosystem consisting of mobile wallets for Exchange and multi-blockchain for iOS and Android platforms, to offer safe, fast and sophisticated crypto trading solutions at the lowest prices. The Cryptoxygen exchange platform allows trading of fiat crypto and crypto crypto. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, datagram, and real-time price registration, making it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. Portfolios, on the other hand, allow users to save, buy and sell cryptocurrency while at the same time guaranteeing the highest security. Cryptoxygen also offers online news and social trading, where crypto-beginners can follow successful traders on the platform and copy their trading patterns. Detailed online courses will also be offered to those who need extensive knowledge of the principles of the crypto trading platform, strategies and more.

Cryptoxygen plans to create a laboratory to support startups with innovative solutions to reduce all types of pollution and the development of artificial intelligence projects.

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