Cryptoxygen aims to expand digital currency trading by offering sophisticated solutions for buying, selling and storing money through secure exchanges, and the Cryptoxygen  
OXY2 wallet is the first decision in the history of the cryptocurrency industry that the crypto exchange platform is a partner of equipment manufacturers Thomson Computing. – (electronic brand of French history since 1893). The Cryptoxygen platform will be integrated directly into over a million laptops and tablets sold every year around the world. 
As a result, this will create a large number of users and quickly increase market share by increasing the value of our tokens. Cryptoxygen is a blockchain-based ecosystem consisting of exchanges and multi-blockchain wallets for mobile phones for iOS and Android platforms that provide safe, fast and complex crypto trading solutions at the lowest prices. Cryptoxygen exchange platform allows you to trade fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, data graph and real-time price tracking, which makes it easy for users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. Wallets, on the other hand, allow users to store, buy and sell cryptocurrency, while ensuring the highest security. Besides, Cryptoxygen offers online news and social trading where beginners can follow successful traders on the platform and copy their trading patterns. Detailed online courses will also be provided to those who need in-depth knowledge of the principles of a cryptocurrency platform, strategies and more. 
Crypoxygen involves the creation of a laboratory to support startups with innovative solutions to reduce all types of pollution and develop artificial intelligence projects. 
Cryptoxygen is a complete cryptocurrency trading platform consisting of exchanges and wallets, providing users with secure and sophisticated solutions for the safe purchase, sale and storage of cryptocurrency. Unlike most exchange platforms that only allow crypto crypto trading, Cryptoxygen will support crypto crypto and fiat crypto. 
In addition, Cryptoxygen offers online news and social trading, where novice crypto can follow successful users on the platform and analyze their trading patterns. Detailed online courses will also be provided to those who need in-depth knowledge of the principles of a cryptocurrency platform, strategies and more.
Cryptoxygen has a partnership with Thomson Computers, a leading electronic brand whose share in the European market is 36%. The Cryptoxygen platform will be integrated directly into each computing system with the Thompson brand. With an annual sales volume of about 1 million Cryptoxygen laptops and computer systems integrated into Thomson, this project will be able to attract 100,000 new users each year, which will increase the use of tokens and increase the value of tokens. 
Cryptoxygen OXY2 OXY2 tokens will provide platform users with special services and benefits, such as:
zero cost of transferring tokens from the Cryptoxygen platform to the wallet
This is a secure solution for users who want to store their tokens outside the Cryptoxygen platform. All transfers from the Cryptoxygen platform to the Cryptoxygen wallet will be free. 
Low trade costs. 
Users of the Cryptoxygen platform will be able to reduce their trading costs using OXY2 tokens; the cost is only 0.05%. Cryptoxygen’s 
membership and loyalty  
program will give special customers a special membership that will allow them to gain additional benefits in terms of trading costs. In addition, these programs will allow customers to receive special platform updates and access to online cryptocurrency trading courses.
With all these advantages, Cryptoxygen OXY2 is the best ICO to invest in 2019. For anyone who wants to profit from their investments in ICO, Cryptoxygen makes the right choice. 
crypto- oxygen:
 1. Trade of crypto-crypto and Fiat-crypto  
2. Low trading costs  
3. Academy of online trading  
4. Social trading  
5. Flow news  
6. 23 available tokens for trading 
Cryptoxygen’s innate Smart List is an exchange that offers intelligent solutions for cryptoinvestors, making listing requirements cheaper, but very analytical. On this basis, tokens will be registered not only because suppliers can pay fees, but the potential factor / influence of the market will be the determining factor. This will force Cryptoxygen to exchange for promising tokens, and not just have rich vendors with strong or low market forecasts. 
Token sale information : OXY2  
Platform: Ethereum  
Type: ERC20 PreICO  
Price: 1 OXY2 = 0.1 USD  
ICO price: 0.1200 USD  
Min. investment: $ 100  
Receipt: ETH, BTC, Fiat 
Distributed in ICO: 60%  
Soft coverage: US $ 3,500,000
which will be distributed at each stage:
1. Tokens sold: 150,000,000  
2. Stage 1 ICO – from January 15, 2019 to February 4, 2019  
3. Bonuses: 20%  
4. Stage 2 ICO – from February 5, 2019 to February 25, 2019  
5. Bonuses: 15%  
6. ICO Stage 3 – February 26, 2019 – March 22, 2019  
7. Bonus: 10%  ICO PHASE 1  
 OXY2 price will be 0.12 US dollars per token; A bonus of 20% will be provided to potential investors. ICO PHASE 2  OXY2 price will be $ 0.14 per token; 15% bonus will be provided to potential investors. Stage 3 ICO. The cost of  OXY2 will be $ 0.16 per token; Bonus 10% will be provided to potential investors. Q1 2019 Launch ICO  Q2, Q3 2019
Tim Cryptocygen:
Thomas George -ICO consultant  
Vikram Singh, the R – the ICO Advisor  
Surinder Kumar interface DEVELOPER  
Simranjit Kaur backend developer  
Stephan Francais Chairman, co-founder  
Irina Duisimbekova VICE –  PRESIDENT DEVELOPMENT, co-founder and board member of  
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