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Security is a 12 – letter word, but how much it means to each of us. In fact, for each word has its own meaning and has its own meaning. But for businesses and big businessmen this word has a very strong meaning. Especially when security concerns their documents and financial accounts.

The topic of security in our everyday life is as relevant as ever because the level of cybercrime has increased significantly over the past 10 years and that the most offensive continues to grow from year to year in a progressive degree. Every year around the world, entrepreneurs allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to secure their systems, servers and cloud storage where they store their data. However, the more money they spend on it, the more temptation cybercriminals have to break into these very vaults.

Just imagine that in 2017 alone, cyber criminals have stolen more than two billion personal data and about $ 750 billion. These are incredible numbers and it seems that this is not possible, but alas it is. This problem makes highly qualified specialists look for solutions every day, consider new strategies and technologies, the use of which will allow them to protect themselves from cybercriminals. This is the decision we will discuss with you now.

About the project

The project that took on the role of data defender from cybercriminals is called – CRYPTYK. This project is a hybrid consisting of two separate decentralized platforms (VAULT and SENTRY), each of which intends to complement the functions and value of the other.

In simple words developers CRYPTYK decided to merge into your project the best solutions for data security that now exist all over the world. That is to use unlimited cloud storage space and security system of decentralized blockchain network. To make it more clear to you what and why. I propose to delve into the features of the project in more detail.

Design feature

As I said earlier, CRYPTYK is a symbiosis of functions and tools that are designed in tandem to perform its main function, that is, securely store data, protect them from hackers, while providing high speed availability for the user, and easily scale as the system itself grows.

As you can see a lot of tasks and deal with them should:

1. Decentralized multi-cloud storage – VAULT.The main trick of this store is that it does not intend to prevent any online violations that occurred through the fault of hackers. The main feature of VAULT is that it makes useless the data on which the cybercriminals have fallen. How it happens? In fact, it’s very simple, the developers have developed a whole algorithm of actions that helps to encrypt each individual file and divide it into different parts in order to save them in separate cloud storage. This approach allows not only to securely store data 24/7 365 days a year, but also to ensure the security of each individual part. In total, the system uses 6 keys for encryption, each of which is stored in the user’s personal device, which provides an additional level of security to all data. All this encrypted cloud storage structure allows you to be very resistant to various external and internal attacks, as well as to various viruses and downloaded malicious files. Thus, we see that the VAULT remains unwavering in front of three sources of threat, while the other two are going to be dealt with by the second platform – SENTRY.

2. SENTRY is a kind of decentralized blockchain audit. Whose main function is to provide the second two threats from cybercriminals. The whole essence of the platform is the constant protection of user data, due to the constantly evolving system. In simple terms, SENTRY provides data encryption at all stages of their movement, whether it is a user’s email or some chat. SENTRY prevents any leakage of this data and also creates backups for their further protection. It is important to note that SENTRY can be easily integrated into any other software solutions, so its use as a business tool can stimulate entire sectors of the crypto economy.


The advantages of the hybrid platform CRYPTYK are simply obvious, because thanks to a comprehensive solution the world will finally get acquainted with the advanced solution to the urgent problem and will be able to solve it in the shortest possible time. Moreover, CRYPTYK is able to ensure the security of corporate clients in all areas, be it external, internal, operational, virus threats or surveillance threats. CRYPTYK is able to cope with all of them as well as in the complex, and alone.

While CRYPTYK has clear advantages over all existing providers of such services:

  • first, due to the two decentralized platforms, the percentage of potential hacker attacks is less than 0.01%;
  • second, proposed solution from CRYPTYK are almost 50% less than existing providers cloud storage;
  • and thirdly, unlike its competitors CRYPTYK has a high data transfer rate.

The details of the ICO

To work with CRYPTYK developers intend to release their own utility token CTK, in the amount of 750 million pieces. This number will be divided into several parts, each of which will be designed for a special circle of people and circumstances. The first 250 million coins will be allocated for pre-sale and public token sale. The second part of 250 million will be reserved for members of the CRYPTYK team and its business angels. The remaining coins will be also reserved for the Fund CRYPTYK. The token itself has an ERC-20 standard and an initial cost of 0.10 USD. You can buy it using crypto (BTC,ETH) and Fiat currencies (USD).


Compared to other decentralized systems, CRYPTYK is able to offer us a much more practical and more secure platform to protect our data from cybercriminals. Given such a crazy demand for this kind of tools, I think people who are worried about security will be happy to consider the business model from CRYPTYK. Therefore, do not miss this unique opportunity to participate in its development.

But first get acquainted with the technical materials of the project in more detail, so that your further decision was fully considered and balanced. In addition to the technical documentation, I recommend you to study all the official resources of the project, as they say firsthand to learn all the latest news of the project and its future plans. All necessary links are waiting for you at the end of my review. Good luck!

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