CrytpF Creating New set of Cryptocoins

CryptF crypto is a product-based collective investment instruments/blockchain. The coins will be traded on exchanges such as Crypto and crypto coins available for anyone to buy. What makes CryptF unique coin is a reliable support stock and bond with blue-chip. The price of coins with a value of hard-wired securities market related CryptF Coin currently lets you invest into a market segment, shown by a fixed set of coins associated with derivatives. An investment portfolio is managed by CryptF
the whole experience completely hassle-free for holders of the coins. We share the opportunity for all social classes to participate in the global financial market. Over the limit buy sell, needs the bank, and a costly middle man.

The ability to participate in global financial markets directly from Your crypto wallet. The price of the coin is awake with reliably tracked on a stock or bond index.
Transparent portfolio.
Low operating costs for investors.
High liquidity of coins.
CryptF warrant repurchase coins without conditions from investors either directly or on a crypto exchanges.
CryptF coins made through physical replication: all securities that are related to the coin is
It was purchased by CryptF. We plan to regularly audit and publish the report verified broker to provide the maximum amount of transparency of securities account CryptF.

Token CPTF .
Token-based smart contracts CPTF based in Ethereal blockchain. The token will only emitted during the period of the ICO.

Any buyer needs to use token wallet compatible ERC-20. To purchase the buyer’s token CPTF need to transfer currency supported crypto to the contract address. Smart contracts transferring CPTF token back to the buyer’s address. Any payment that will occur before or after the ICO will be reversed and restored with no indication of CPTF emitted

CPTF token we will participate in the redistribution of corporate profits and could become a future source of passive income we believe that this token value will grow as time goes on the positive correlation with number of cryptocoins emitted.

It is based on the Ethereal block is currently the standard blockchain Protocol for ICO’s most prominent.

The distribution of profits.
CryptF will share 40% profit kuartalannya to smart CPTF contract. This information will be published on the site CryptF. Every holder of a token will be notified using the contact information available. Profit will be divided proportionately in accordance with the number of tokens in the user holds Any payments will be made at the ETH

Liquid assets. token
CryptF coin and token crypto assets are two terms with the same meaning. This token is emitted when assets such as stocks and bonds are bought by CryptF. CryptF then sell this token. The company will keep a direct proportion of the available
assets and the token emitted. Token based on the smart contract in block Wireshark.
Each group of assets will correspond to a specific token.

The token is emitted when the asset was purchased and demolished when the assets are sold. Detailed
the description of each token sets will be available in documents website. Finally,
the token will be introduced to crypto exchanges. To purchase this token, users would do need wallet compatible ERC-20. CryptF coin and token crypto assets has the same meaning.

Breakthrough token CFIT.
CFIT is a combination of the five best performing technology companies in the U.S. market, i.e. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google Alphabet’s. The market capitalization of these companies about 2.4 trillion dollars in mid-2017 evaluation and growth

The details of the sign of CFGM.
CFGM was a combination of five international game publishers actively growing. Multiple online games is the social phenomenon that extends and is very popular.
Combined mobile phone markets and MMORPG turned into 101 billion in 2016. This prospect is projected to be 109 billion in 2017 and 116 billion in 2018. The Asian gaming market grows fastest with NetEase became one of the largest and successful Publisher in China.

Token details CFBND
CFBND consists of bonds over 15 developing countries. This is the liquid sovereignty
debt with high yield potential. They cover many different currencies and maturity duration. Part of each country will not exceed 10%. While these coins might not show tremendous growth, this can be a very stable investment with low volatility is possible.

Increased investment along the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will speed up the start
of the project at the same time providing strategic marketing for the rapid acceptance of coins out crypto crypto in bursa. Increase the number of coins available crypto directly translate into revenue growth. The Fund financed should be used to create infrastructure, our product development, organizing exchange trade crypto, and support liquidity of coins.

The price of the initial token is 0.001 ETH or equivalent.
The total number of token CPTF is 90 million (90 million), of which 63 million will be
offered during a round of ICO, 18.9 million will be in the company of backup, and 8.1 million will be distributed to the team.

The token is a token CPTF functional utility in CryptF ecosystems. CPTF token is Not securities, they are non-refundable, not for speculative investments. Cryptf does not guarantee the performance of, dividends, or the stability of the future

December 13, 2017, 1 pm UTC-December 26, 2017, 13:00 UTC
The size of the offer is limited in the amount of 15 million (15 million) CPTF
ICO Round 1
January 4, 2018, 1 pm UTC-January 24, 2018, 13:00 UTC
The size of the deals are restricted to 30 million (30 million) CPTF
ICO round 2
February 8, 2018, 1 pm UTC – 21 February 2018, 13:00 UTC
The size of the offer is limited in the amount of 6 million (6 million) CPTF
ICO round 3
March 1, 2018, 1 pm UTC – March 14, 2018, 13:00 UTC
The size of the deals are restricted to 12 million (12 million) CPTF



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