CUBEGO – The LEGO-like 3D Building Block Blockchain Game

Cubego are 3D building block(s) which enable you to build your very own bespoke and personalised 3D models called Cubegon. Shape your own powerful 3D squad, give them abilities and conquer challenges in combat. Every creation of yours is entirely unique and fully owned by you. Allow your imagination to run riot to turn small Cubegoes into living Cubegons.

A world built of Cubegoes, 3D cubes that enhance your creativity is here. You can build your unique character (Cubegon) and have its copyright; then you can trade your Cubegon for tokens or join the battle for amazing rewards.

As a blockchain-based token, Cubego has a scarce favor and is a starting ingredient to build advanced character. The more precious Cubego looks, the stronger and rarer it is.

Principles of Creation

  • Diversity

Cubegoes, the “raw materials” of various colors, textures and other properties are the core of every character and are inspired by real materials in the physical world.

  • Uniqueness

Respecting players’ individuality, Cubego protects copyright ownership of the creators. Every Cubegon character is unique and only the owner of the “original” model can create color variants of the same shape.

  • Value Of Synergies

Multiplying Cubegoes’ value by creating unique Cubegons with distinct aesthetics, types and abilities. It’s the players who determine the design as well as value of their creations.

Cubegons can be dismantled to give you back your Cubegoes. Do not worry if you want to improve an existing model or create a completely new character from old ones; simply break your Cubegon models up and start creating again!

Once an original Cubegon is dismantled, no variants of this model can be produced as the original badges are not transferable.

The Attributes


Each material can have several sub materials which are usually different in color. Each color variant can belong to one or two element types out of a total of five, including:

  • Fire, Water, Air, Grass and Earth

  • Strength

Each Cubego material has its own strength. Using higher-tier Cubegoes will accelerate the strength accumulation of your Cubegon(s) and enable them to climb to the higher tiers more quickly.

  • Cubegon’s Properties

You decide your Cubegons’ properties, which consist of Type, Stats, Tier, Skills and Energy.

Cubegon’s Types

The dominant type of all Cubegoes used to create a Cubegon determines the type of the Cubegon.

There are 5 types of CubeGon. Each type is strong against one type, but weak against another.

Cubegon’s Stats

Stats of CubeGon consist of four components: Health, Attack, Defence and Speed.

The distribution of the four stats depends on the materials and color you select.

How do I get started?

The Presale has been opened!

Get Cube packs from the Presale to collect the limited Legendary, Epic and Rare Cubegoes and begin creating your very own handsome and powerful squad.

About The Presale

Cubego Presale is an Exclusive event for you to collect Limited Cubegoes from Store. Epic and Rare Cubegoes are sold in Packs and will NOT be available after the Presale. You have chance to create high-tier characters from these limited Cubegoes during the Presale.

Why YOU Should Join The Presale?

Build Characters, Own Copyright

No one can copy your characters, any of them. Building first give you more freedom to create any character you want.

Creating a model also grants you a copyright ownership, making you the only one who can create color variants of the model. This copyright ownership is only given to “Original” Cubegon model, not its variants. Copyright ownership is also transferable as it ties to Original Cubegons.

If you are lucky to have a model that other players like, you can create more variants to sell them in market. Thus, building early is an advantage.

Trade and Gain values

Both Cubegoes and Cubegons are tokens, stored on the blockchain and are tradable. Own limited Cubegoes today can earn you more benefits after Presale as you can sell them in market.

Cubegons are worth a lot more, as they carry moves and can be crafted with items earned from battle. An inventory abundant in Cubegoes of all materials allows you to play with different character design and color, hence is key to create appealing Cubegons.

Road Map


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