The ideology of Cubumania establishment of Blockchain game-based educational platform for the juveniles has contributed tremendously in multitudinous ways as to enhance the efficacy of modern educational programs. Indisputably, infantile is the most consequential stage of humanity and knowledge people have in infantile structure their medullar oblongata and efficacy in learning, and it enables them to develop learning capacity by getting along with others and giving positive approach to their daily challenging situations.

The aforesaid programs will enable tutors, educationalists and other areas of specialization including the scope of education to develop their capacities and assist practitioners (juveniles) to be conversant with complication and ascertain a different method of acquiring information.

Cubomania began as IOT Smart-toy. It eventually developed and AI-based stipulated character interrelates with juveniles apparently on their individual physiognomies created chances for the final blockchain platform advancement and an innovative content formation.

Cubomania is creating an online platform for early childhood education with the integration into the physical environment. What’s more, implementation of the cutting-edge blockchain technology will enable members of the education industry to create customized curriculum as well as interactive programs and offer them directly to the market as the platform operates using a decentralised payment system to ensure safe transactions.
The competitive advantages of this business project are its market attractiveness by virtue of using the blockchain technology, Blue Ocean of online pre-school and school education market, the demand for IoT-smart toys and the high competitiveness of goods. Cubomania seeks to decentralize the education industry by connecting teachers, parents and students worldwide with the blockchain solution.


Demand in the global smart toys market in 2017-2022 will rise to a substantial CAGR, acquiring supplementary purchase from a number of factors such as advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) as well as lifestyle changes of the urban population who have increased their disposable income but lost on time for upbringing and raising awareness of the advantages offered by these modern toys both indoors and outdoors. Though the high cost of these products continues to challenge the prosperity of global smart toys market, this is where the first advantage of
Cubomania lies – the low cost and high-quality functional content. It’s well-known that the segment of toys able to recognize voice commands and images is the most profitable among all toy segments.

Based on the type of toys, the global smart toys market has been segmented into:
• App-enabled mechanical toys
• Screen toys
• Voice or image recognition toys
• Toys-to-life
• Health-tracking toys or wearable
• Puzzles and building games, and others

In the year 2015 e-learning market share totaled approximately 165 billion dollars. Consequently, the industry is relentlessly growing and increasing and is likely to spread a record of 250 billion US dollars through the year 2023. The e-learning market development rates are specifically distinguished in India, China and Malaysia with a expansion rate of approximately 50% yearly.

Expenditure grew worldwide to approximately 6 trillion dollars in 2016. Increasing demand at an yearly rate is internationally fuelled by populace development and bourgeois development in Africa and Asia. Notwithstanding market projections, students face voluminous impediments and constraints which diminish the approachability of first-class education¬al experience. The escalating cost of education, total disproportion between existing school or uni¬versity systems and educational prospects of today’s modern world generate a trend which authenticates that education will in the first place be inexpensive for the global choice.

Cubomania is a real place to invest because it guarantees efficacy and productivity. Investment made on Cubomania can never be considered inefficient; as platform that deals on the production of global smart toys and their products are marketed in large quantities on daily basis. Cubomaia is a blockchain game-based educational platform for juvenile and a parent which develops juvenile’s imagination as well as pioneering and social skills through communication between virtual AI-integrated environment and a practical toy.
Cubomania project believed in development of mental capabilities and imagination as well as stimulating passion for learning. Cubomania is a combination of a constructor model, programmable platform and interactive ways of communication.

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