CURA NETWORK – The Global Decebtralized Health System

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Health care is a concept used in providing health services to the community. Health Services is a concept used to provide services continuously to the public and society.

Health services included in public health groups (public health services) are characterized by ways of organizing generally in an organization. The main goal is to maintain and improve health and prevent disease, as well as targets for groups and society.

Cura Network was formed because of the need for a “healthier” medical record system. Our mission is to eliminate the lack of data interoperability; which has disrupted the health care sector by providing inefficient health care and death. To achieve this, we use the blockchain (and all available technology) to build a decentralized global health care system.

What is the drug tissue?

Red Cura is a decentralized global health care system formed by organizations that collaborate and share data with each other to strengthen, restore or maintain health.

We strive to improve the world of medical care, using blockchain technology to create an integrated platform that provides many medical services.

Ultimately, our goal is to integrate patients, specialists, suppliers and third-party application developers into the block chain ecosystem, which will make performance transactions truly effective, safe, explicit, fast and reliable.


Quality medical care: access to quality medical care from trusted professionals and providers worldwide.
Privacy and access control: own and control your medical records. Understand and determine how your data is sent.
Global identification is decentralized. Each object is given a Cura Network Identifier (CNID), which is an independent sovereign identification with unique role-based attributes.
Distributed record storage: storage in storage. High-performance data transfers with constant availability. Sending data simultaneously to multiple computers.
Third party application integration: the level of access to data for many existing or new software applications for health care.
Only the economy: monetization is integrated in the nucleus. Generate Curs in a fair data exchange or service system.

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