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Personally, I am pleased to realize that the topic of public health has become much more frequent in many media sources, Internet portals and even among technological geniuses. Health is the most that neither eat, the main source of our life, do not be it and you already becomes far from important whether you live in a huge house or in a small house in the village, if you have a cool car or not. All these material goods lose all their meaning. As the happiness of a man who long ago ceased to depend on them.

To maintain the health of a person can be in different ways, we literally talked about them yesterday, but for those who are not in the topic again. To maintain their health, a person must eat properly and balanced, move more and of course regularly conduct medical examinations, so that in the early stages it was possible to deduce the origin of a disease.


But there is one small problem that does not allow many people to receive quality and timely medical care. Often this is due to the fact that a person does not live in a large city and he does not have the opportunity to regularly visit the clinic. Or, on the contrary, a person has the opportunity, but he can not get a decent medical examination, since the medicine of his country or region is poorly developed and has roots firmly rooted in the old methodology.

Of course, I am talking about progress that has not affected everyone. There are countries where medicine is developing rapidly. Medical institutions have long switched to new and improved equipment, have first-class staff and many other things, which probably do not have 70% of all other countries and States. I think many will agree with me that the flagships for the quality of health care are countries such as Switzerland and Israel.

But again, the question arises how to be an ordinary person who is not able to go so far and pay such money for their procedures. The solution of these problems was not so difficult and inaccessible. Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to present you a new technological project – CURA NETWORK.

About the project

CURA NETWORK is a decentralized medical platform of a new generation, which combines absolutely all segments of health care, from the patients themselves, to all the necessary medical specialists and researchers, as well as insurance companies and other medical services.

In simple terms, the CURA NETWORK is an ecosystem in which all the necessary organizations to support and restore the health of each patient will cooperate and contribute. Thanks to modern and decentralized technologies, the development team managed to achieve a powerful and reliable database system, which will receive all the information about the patient’s health, his analyses and other medical reports from the leading specialists of the platform.

Design feature

It is important to note that all patients will have exclusive rights to permit or ban their data for the selected group of persons. This will naturally allow patients to respect confidentiality and protect their property rights.

If we talk about the additional benefits, for patients they are more than enough:

  • first, all patients will have quick and reliable access to their databases, which will store their entire medical history;
  • secondly, they will be able to receive additional information about appointments, prescribing any medications from the doctor and so on 24/7;
  • thirdly, the patient will have access to a huge medical ecosystem that will help him not only to monitor his health, but also to provide all the recommended procedures for its maintenance and recovery;
  • fourth, the CURA NETWORK will provide an individual identity for all professionals, so that you can see the professional status of each individual doctor, his experience and feedback from his patients. At the same time, the system will not limit you in time and you will be able to receive real-time advice from the most outstanding medical health professionals;
  • and fifthly, you will finally lose the hidden payment schemes for medical services, as all payment transactions within the CURA NETWORK will be carried out at the expense of the internal token and transparent blockchain technology.



As for the reverse side of the medal, for medical professionals, CURA NETWORK has also prepared a fairly large number of advantages in which specialists and suppliers:

  • be able to directly share their practical and professional experience, share technologies and discoveries;
  • get access to a full, real and transparent health history of each patient. Where it will be impossible to falsify certain data and the specialist will be able to more accurately formulate the diagnosis to his patient and prescribe all necessary treatment measures;
  • also, experts in their hands will finally get convenient work resources, where in real time they will be able to carry out their duty, treat and help people;
  • in this transparent way to receive every profit or reward for their work done.


All this and much more good awaits all scientists, researchers, developers of medical equipment and other specialists in this field.


For convenience, the founders of the CURA NETWORK have developed a convenient and intuitive mobile application that will carry out cryptographic identification with their mobile client. To do this, the patient will only need to go through an easy and quick registration, and then reinforce the data entered in the register, his fingerprint.


Next, the application itself will impose on all your data all the necessary security keys and hashes, so that everything is stored in the most reliable and secure way. The application can be installed on any type of device, that is, both on Android and iOS.


Since the project itself is a set of technologies and one of them is decentralized and based on blockchain technology, then naturally there will be an internal token within the system that will ensure the movement and payment of all financial transactions to pay for medical services, and any consultations of specialists. The coin itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 standard and has its short name – CUR. In total, 500 million coins will be allocated for the development of the system.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:



If we talk about the project as a whole, its concept is very close to me, because I have long believed that it is time for humanity to start its development in the medical direction. That is to develop and bring with the help of new and modern technologies the state of health of the entire world society to a new, better level. All the more, that for this now there is all tools. I believe that the CURA NETWORK is a vivid example of when you can get quality and decent medical care regardless of where you live and what nationality you belong to.


Therefore, dear friends, do not pass by, study the project in more detail. To do this, at the end of the article, I have prepared all the necessary official and social resources of the project, where you can find answers to all your questions.


Official resources of the Cura Network project:



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