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Welcome my dear readers. How diverse our world is developing rapidly.Technology has stepped forward, and the previously unknown blockchain becomes an ordinary thing for us. Today, having gathered and analyzed a number of sites, I have prepared for you the next reviews. You read, read, and take La solution. First up today my review is about a young but rapidly growing project and this project called CURAIZON . This project is a medical subject.The project CURAIZON daily gather completely anonymous data about how and when patients are taking medications.
Curaizon™ is a UK-based company that has developed CuraServe™, a soluton to improve drug adherence and bring game-changing benefts to patents and healthcare providers. Our soluton works with patents, their families and healthcare providers to ensure that patents take their medicatons as prescribed through a series of outreach tools, supported by predictve modeling tools and behavioral analysis, to increase the rate of drug adherence. As our CuraServe™ soluton helps patents, it’s also generatng a vast amount of patent data which is then anonymized and made available through our CuraData™ platorm. Companies, academics and non-profts can access this data by purchasing our CuraTokens™.
Curaizon™ is unique because our CuraServe™ soluton generates the informaton that drives the value of our CuraData™ platorm. We’re not simply ofering another way of storing, sharing or mining data. Our data is the frst-of-its-kind insight into real-tme patent behaviour and adherence. Through our collaboratons with research insttutons, natonal health services and biotech companies, we shall create one of the most powerful and valuable data sources in healthcare. We will become a centre for excellence within the community of healthcare and pharmaceutcal industries. Our data and analytcs will fnally give the health and pharmaceutcal industries the tools they have been looking for to bring about the change patents need. Our value-based approach to a simple, accessible, yet valuable exchange of data and analysis will revolutonise the healthcare landscape. Leveraging our contracts with healthcare providers, we can quickly build an ecosystem of mutually benefcial stakeholders within the value chain.


CuraToken™ (“CTKN”) is an EIP-20 Ethereum-based utlity token which can be used to access medical adherence data via Curaizon’s™ CuraData™ platorm. This data is of interest to research insttutons, natonal health services and biotech companies. Blockchain technology will be used to store the patent permissions and ensure transparency and anonymity. Through the smart contracts and embedded API calls, access is given to the underlying big data. Through this technology, CuraToken™ (CTKN) will become a unique soluton to build a win-win-win situaton for token holders, patents and medical insttutons. The data grows over
tme and constantly increases in utlity and consequently value. Our reward program encourages data collaboraton, thus increasing the overall value and atractveness of our data. Our CuraCharity™ platorm donates to worthy causes that are leading the way in research and beter treatment in the healthcare sector.
CuraToken Pre-Sale: June 1, 2018 – June 8, 2018
CuraToken Public Sale: June 8 2018 – September 8, 2018
Inital CuraToken rate
0.20 USD – 0.20 USD
Depending on tme of purchase
Time is set in UTC zone
Advantages of this project:
  1. If the platform is almost ready to be based on the data presented in the road map to release therefore each of users can get acquainted with functionality of service in the demo mode on this momt having tested work of available functions.
  2. The project has a large number of skilled consultants successfully started and other platforms the initiating ICO.
  3. Health sector develops not so promptly recently as it would be desirable. With entry into the market of medical services of the Curaizon platform this industry has to change to the best and make several important steps forward.

    The potential number of users whom the platform hopes to attract makes 1,4 billion participants worldwide.
The platform will have also own cryptocurrency which has the name CTKN or CuraTokenTM (ERC 20 standard). If to speak about advantages to holders of tokens that can be noted that all holders of tokens will be able to use tokens for access to services of the platform or to offer them for sale.
Also it is noted that the official release of full functionality of the platform will take place not earlier than 2020.
Contacting Curaizon
The website for Curaizon already has a whitepaper listed, which should go into greater depth about the plans of the platform. However, if there are other questions, consumers can send an email to



Curaizon team is the team of highly experienced and qualified specialists. It gives the project all the chances for success. The original and revolutionary idea of gathering medical data is something really new. Its originality and excellent embodiment of the team makes Curaizon project something outstanding and really worth of paying attention.
Medical data was never examined from this side, but as it becomes clear especially this side is really very important for patients as well as for pharma companies. First ones will become more careful with their own health and will help to minimize unnecessary expenses. Second ones will have more information about the produced medicines, their influence on patients and will be given more possibilities for new researches. Curaizon project definitely has the right to exist.
All the important information can be found here:
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