Cure Cosplay ICO – Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay PlatformCure Cosplay ICO – Cure WorldCosplay is that the world’s largest cosplay platform with a community of 720k and half dozen.5m photos and move to blockchain and that they have created a drag (COT) to unravel their issues with no monetization strategies, trust & safe, copyright problems, lack of settlement accounts. COT token is their basic currency ANd COT is an ERC20-standard token which will be distributed as a part of the TGE and ICO

Cure Cosplay ICO Works

There area unit 2 totally different tokens classes are active at intervals the Cure WorldCosplay platform.

Cosplay Token (COT)

Which is able to be used for basic currency trades on the platform and it’s used for the creation of Player Coins

Player Coins

It’s an Individual, customized coins created by Players which may be used for Payments, Incentives, Tips, Reputations. To issue a Player Coin, the Player should offer a reserve quantity of COT tokens to an avid sensible contract. this can be referred to as the initial COT reserve account and is instrumental in calculative the value and thus volatility of the Player Coin

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Why Cosplay ICO Token

To some, it would look like a joke, however, the cosplay trade isn’t any happy matter. That’s as a result of cosplay can grow into a $23.6 billion trade 2019 which proves it’s a property Growth. Why it mature in popularity? I am unable to pin purpose what event created the recognition, however, I even have some examples.

  • Superhero brands like Marvel
  • Manga Anime
  • SD Comic
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Getting Started Development

The Cosplay Token team developed this platform victimization Direct-integrated and Blockchain-renewable technologies, that is that the opening Cure WorldCosplay has designed for the Tokenisasi system within the cosplay world. Cure WorldCosplay designed the Cosplay Token to be the default cryptocurrency or token for cosplayer globally. Cosplay Token can directly address problems concerning transparency and transactional problems by cosplayer or different stakeholders within the world of cosplayer around the world.

Cure WorldCosplay can build a Cosplay Token with a clear and open system with users. Cure WorldCosplay can issue two kinds of tokens that may be utilized by cosplayers, Cosplay Token (COT) and Cure Player Coin (CPC). each these tokens can directly support and develop cosplayers et al globally and make sure that the transactions or results they receive area unit actually honest and clear, and secure. COT directly secures transactions performed by cosplayers and different stakeholders, and these tokens are directly ransomed for different cryptocurrency sorts. Cosplay Token conjointly uses a wise contract system which will record all transactions created by the user, and note that this record can’t be modified forever.

Why Blockchain

We designed this platform to run victimization blockchain technology because of the basis for our platform development. as a result, of since it initial appeared, blockchain comes with the supply of quick and secure online transactions and supports all kinds of knowledge and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system, wherever each group action is recorded and might not be modified forever, thus transactions is maintained and scale back the chance of knowledge fraud.

The blockchain is inherently immune to the modification of the info concerned. Blockchain (also referred to as distributed ledger), technologies that give cryptography like Bitcoin and Ethereum, draw the US into a replacement era of worldwide openness, decentralization, and inclusion. Since the invention of Bitcoin in 2008, the thought of decentralization, public accord, and making a replacement model of trust between the parties to the group action are embraced. The principles of the accord, potency and mutual trust area unit associated with jurisdictions around the world.

Cosplay ICO Benefits

  • The players gain new revenue through the provision at the sale of CPC.
  • The users can have distinctive expertise just for CPC holders.
  • The angel investors fancy monetary come back from the rise in token worth from discovering and supporting new talent.

Future of Cosplay ICO

  • Issuance of digital membership thus to assist defend players works.
  • Measured against illegal images will be taken.
  • New ways in which to fancy cosplay (use of two.5 dimensional stages in events like Yedo GAME SHOW), language support, e.t.c are introduced.

Cure Cosplay ICO Token

Detail: Cure Cosplay ICO Token
Token COT
Price 1 COT = 0.00008ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 40 000 ETH
Country Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas Japan, USA, China
Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO Team

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO Ambassador

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO Partners

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO Roadmap

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Cure Cosplay ICO - Blockchain Cosplay Platform

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63


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