CURES Token is associate exceptionally artistic and sophisticated Ethereum blockchain-based healthful services devices that is worked to administrate making danger within the overall human services trade by dispersive the framework, drawing in patients, Health App engineers, Medical Service suppliers and instrumentality Suppliers, obtaining a handle on creative advancement so as to diminish prices and extend uncommon resources within the division, creating shut virtual take a look at, benefitting by agreeable vitality that on these lines builds the estimation of every vital supporter.

Currently, there ar variety of problems that have an effect on the medical sector as a full.
One of these issues is that the lack of open and accessible medical knowledge and fragmented patient records. although all public hospitals, medical practitioners and personal clinics maintain varied electronic recording systems, for every case, they can not offer complete data regarding the patient’s health or treatment history. however recently, associate innovative blockchain technology has emerged that’s capable of resolution this downside and leading its resolution within the right direction. the foremost necessary factor is that each one medical knowledge Patient connected (including past and current standing, treatment and history of diseases) are going to be keep on the blockchain and this can build each record accessible, mobile and permanent. At identical time, all medical records are going to be protected against loss and alter. Besides,
the use of blockchain technology can cause the phasing out of further body units, which is able to considerably cut back maintenance prices within the care trade.

To figure out what goes behind “re-shaping”, the CURES token hopes to deconcentrate the human services framework, empower patients, Health App creators, Medical Service suppliers and instrumentality Suppliers, obtaining a handle on creative advancement so as to scale back prices and extend uncommon resources within the zone, creating shut virtual take a look at, learning by coordinated effort that during this approach builds the estimation of every and each relevant supporter.

This specific jump forward thought of specializing in patients’ reinforcing is crisp out of the crate unaccustomed the human services feature. Toward the day’s finish, CURES token is that the necessary setting wherever the patient will get to his/her blank essential therapeutic data at no matter purpose (unusual condition of straightforwardness) and would all told probability rely on wise most raised quality eudaemonia organization from varied countries.

On the platform, the team effort created the CURES token. the most goal of the CURES token is that the need to deconcentrate the care system, empowering patients, care application developers, health care suppliers and instrumentality suppliers.
The idea of CURES is to empower all stakeholders through the utilization of innovative technologies like blockchains and intellectual contracts, that results in a lot of choices and going on the far side the boundaries, making a clear and reliable verification system, permitting you to form simpler and knowledgeable selections.

CURES Token can transforms into associate across the board organizations biological system accessible to social welfare suppliers, patients, and people operating within the healthful the movement business by giving a combination of dynamic options.

Aa am finishing this text, it’s dire to remember that Blockchain’s potential for re-framing the weaving social welfare trade depends upon whether or not open medical clinics, non-public facilities, and numerous relationship within the zone ar anxious to initially facilitate build the specialised foundation needed. we are going to see what envisions the human services at the corner.


Token Name: CURES Token
Abbreviation: CRS
Type: Etherium based token platform ERC-20
Total shipments: 500 million CRS.
Maximum number of tokens offered to the public during an ICO: 175,000,000 CRS
Hard Cap: 175,000 ETH
Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH
Start of sale September 16, 2018
End of sale April 15, 2019



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