CURES ‘Improving the quality of life’

As an individual mindful of the significance of wellbeing and advancement of the block chain innovation, today I’d like to present a venture called CURES Token which I loved such a great amount since it consolidates both.


What is CURES?

“We trust the best way to anticipate what’s to come is to make it” – CURES

CURES is a stage which has the primary objective to consolidate its splendid wellbeing arrangements with the intensity of the blockchain.

There are more than 200 nations on the planet and neither the most created one nor the least has an ideal wellbeing framework. A portion of the nations have a subject focused methodology and some of them have a framework which can without much of a stretch be contrasted and a challenge at all. It’s not essential whichever framework you are in, there is issues and deformities for which CURES has arrangements in its own specific manner.

Issues and Solutions Presented by CURES

Access to therapeutic administrations

Normally, an incorporated and over-bureau-cratic administration framework, there are a few wasteful framework deserts including speed and protection issues.

✔ By its own one of a kind points of interest, CURES will be the remedy for these issues by utilizing the uncuttable intensity of block chain. No bureaucratic holdup periods or different sorts of issues.

Cross fringe installments

There are a high value, delay in installment and high or unsure trade costs we can discuss as issues.

✔ No trade irregularities occur by utilizing the CURES token. Likewise, the prompt exchange rate makes clients cut from this superfluous blemish.

Quality therapeutic consideration

Nearly in a large portion of the nations on the planet, it is costly, tedious and costly to achieve quality human services.

✔ By the assistance of the CURES stage, anybody in the circle can without much of a stretch achieve top notch therapeutic consideration.

Multifaceted nature

Being a piece of the regular human services frameworks is extremely a migraine as anybody probably is aware. Keeping records, acquiring them back, etc. This rundown grows effectively.

✔ Smart contract structure of CURES will give an immaculate and smooth stream of data immediately or unsettling influence.


Deceitful exercises in the wellbeing division inconsistently is a colossal expense for each nation and this is an uptrend clearly.

✔ By the execution of brilliant contracts, there isn’t any probability to change, fashion or eradicate in medicinal records or some other components of it. CURES will ensure it.


One of the vital pieces of the human services is audits and once in a while their normality, request and period could undoubtedly be stumbled because of the framework issues.

✔ In the CURES stage, the individuals who are in the framework and finishes the required advances will dependably get the required audits in the specific time.


CURES token is the central component of the stage which has different highlights and advantages for the clients. We should begin with the token highlights and after that proceed onward to the advantages.

Token Features

Token Name CURES Token

Ticker CURES

Platform ERC-20


Mainstays of CURES Token

There are six segments of the CURES token. Give me a chance to present them.

Application store for Health applications

(HAPP store)

There is as of now an offered wellbeing application in the store called Vision which is to the utilization of visual impairment. Likewise, there exists an open door for any designer to list their own applications for nothing out of pocket.

Electronic Health Records

The possibility for a second conclusion and remote counsel won’t just evacuate the substantial weight on the framework yet additionally make clients’ psyches all reasonable by controlling the d following their own records without obstructions.

Wellbeing confirmation stage

There will be sure contracts accessible inside the stage and some of them will give a rebate in restorative administrations.

The commercial center and trust audit stage

The stage will give basic data all inclusive about the unwavering quality and the expense of any administration without surrender security. This will make an interesting reliable administration approach and look for the best help and suggestion are never again required.

Exchanging stage

There will be a proficient and commercial global channel which is to purchase and offer restorative supplies straightforwardly to the patients or discount.

Beneficent trust finance

This is the part which tends to the ones who care for all. 5% of the tokens and philanthropies from volunteers will be accessible in this segment to be accessible for the utilization of progress in world wellbeing frameworks or spendable for the pieces of the world that in the incredible interest of assistance.

Last Words

CURES token is a splendid task with immense potential for being a definitive answer for the regular issues of the wellbeing frameworks from all around the globe. Particularly, the unwavering quality framework which is advanced by the casting a ballot framework and philanthropy offices are the most critical part the s in my perspective. Possibly we can surrender pretty much every part of our lives your wellbeing and we merit a superior social insurance framework. CURES has a point definitely.


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