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Investing is one option to be able to generate profits in the business world. It is undeniable that lately there are many young people who are more interested in investing than in direct business. According to index results from Knight Frank Research in the last 10 years until Q2 2018 said that investment in luxury vehicles gave the highest return of up to 289%. This figure beats all types of alternative commodities or other investment items such as coins, wine, jewelry, watches, etc. This information is very tempting. Even so, investing in this one item can still be said to be difficult and can only be enjoyed by a handful of people (elite investors).

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There are several things that hamper the difficulty of new investors or small investors to enter the luxury vehicle investment market, including:

Very limited access

  • Luxury cars are often not sold on the open market. The limited edition is increasingly difficult and prospective buyers must at least have several other vehicles of the same brand and at least a portfolio of ownership and have a club membership of owners and enthusiasts of luxury vehicles.

High Capital

  • It is clear that luxury cars that will provide high profits also require high capital to be able to buy them. Plus after being obtained, the car must be insured, stored and cared for until finally it can provide benefits. Of course this gives a clear picture that only deep pockets can be involved in this industry.

Knowledge and expertise

  • The ability to assess and analyze luxury cars is not easy and special abilities are needed. Various things must be verified first until the vehicle is examined by skilled mechanics and more.

Low Diversification

  • By deciding to enter the industry, surely someone will experience a decrease in diversification because the capital required is very high and that is the price to pay. Making this is something that is very risky.
    But once again, behind all the risks and difficulties, a profit offer is also very tempting. So this is the meeting point that makes a very good new business opportunity captured by the Curio Invest project team. The following is the explanation below.

Curio Invest:

Curio Invest is a project that offers a way for thousands of new investors in the field of investment in luxury vehicles by giving tokens to these luxury vehicles. The team behind Curio Invest
already has a proven track record of being able to provide benefits in the luxury vehicle trade and has established partnerships with various elements and companies. Nor are they a company that started from the beginning, they are the sister company of Mercuria Helvetica AG who has provided experience for the team in Bali this project to be able to provide benefits and establish partnerships with all companies related to this industry.

In addition, the existence of tokenization of luxury vehicle assets certainly provides many benefits including a high level of liquidity, your diversification which is unlikely to decrease because you can invest with a minimum of 500 dollars, lower costs due to cutting chains and all costs shared with other investors, and of course all existing processes can be done faster. Imagine if you do all these business activities yourself, of course you need all the resources to be able to do it and of course in a longer period of time. For additional information, the Curio Invest team has prepared everything including legal entities to conduct business activities in Switzerland.

Enough with my first information about this project, those of you who are interested in this discussion can follow the next article or visit their official link below. May be useful.



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