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Some may think that now, in the advanced and highly digitalised times we are living in, our everyday activities should be performed at a faster pace, right? We use the internet to shop, we pay utilities and bills online, we even study and communicate using technology; most of us rarely see or use paper documents. However, not all markets have been improved so that processes can run smoother and quicker. For example, even now, in 2019, it’s extremely difficult to invest or buy collactables, but here is the good news CurioInvest is here to change that by creating a revolutionary platform that will eliminate the barriers to entry to the collectable car market. As a fractional stake in a vehicle can be purchased online for as little as $500, the minimum investment required to enter the market is dramatically lowered, enabling investors to diversify by purchasing stakes in multiple vehicles.

It is worthy to note that the influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology. Numerous supporters, investors from different field of professions and businesses around the world have embraced new technological innovation which has helped reshape the world. Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations One firm at the forefront of this innovation is CurioInvest.


CurioInvest is a company that focuses on collectable cars. The solution offered by Curio Invest is a platform that allows people to be able to invest and get profit from collectable cars. With solutions like this, anyone can enter and invest in markets that were previously limited and heavily regulated. CurioInvest will open up new opportunities for thousands of people who want to enter the collectable cars investment market.

What distinguishes CurioInvest compared to their competitors is CurioInvest tokenizing investment-grade vehicles. In other words, CurioInvest integrates the world of cryptocurrency with the collectable cars market. This makes investing in the collectable cars market safer, faster and more efficient.

In terms of professionalism, CurioInvest does not doubt their experience and professionalism. The Curio Invest team has a proven track record of profitably trading investment-grade vehicles at Mercuria Helvetica AG and has partnered with Mechatronik GmbH to provide the expertise necessary to store and maintain the vehicles. This proves that CurioInvest can maintain their investment ecosystem and create a healthy, economical and profitable investment environment.

The Mission

CurioInvest’s mission is to make it possible for everyone to invest in rare collectable vehicles.

The Vision

CurioInvest Invest’s vision is to enable everyone to invest in and profit from collectable cars. By tokenizing investment-grade vehicles, CurioInvest will open up the collectable car market to thousands of new investors.


The first and probably the most difficult thing faced by many potential investors of collectible cars, so it is with a complex examination of the authenticity of the car. Since this is not always effective and budgetary;
Secondly, common problem is the high threshold of entry into this segment of investment, as well as in some cases the transaction required participation in private clubs, membership of which is worth another additional cost;
Thirdly is a common problem as increased costs revolving around the illiquidity of the transaction, as well as its opacity;
And also is a high level of requirements for the state of the investor’s capital, which should be able not only to buy a collector’s car, but also to be able to insure it, as well as to allocate small amounts of money for its maintenance, in order to maintain the condition of the car in the proper form.


CurioInvest uses tokenization to alleviate the barriers faced in investing in collectable cars. Asset tokenization is a process where a digital asset is backed by the car as a physical asset. Asset tokenization can address the problems dealing with liquidity and diversification. Besides, it requires lower costs and less bureaucracy. Moreover, the transaction can be carried out faster.

By tokenizing investment-grade cars, it is highly possible for thousands of new investors to open up the collectable car market. In other words, CurioInvest enables them to invest in and get profit from the market. It is in line with the goal of CurioInvest that is to become the best platform in the world for everyone to purchase and trade collectable security tokens. With the proposed solutions, collectable cars market is opened up for everyone, not only limited to elite investors.

The operations of Curio Invest are fully supervised and regulated by legal entities in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The reason for choosing Switzerland and Lichtenstein is that the two countries have more flexible laws on investments and security tokens. Thus Curio Invest can confidently operate and sell tokens in all 28 EU member states and three EEA EFTA countries Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein.

Curio Invest has a team and partners consisting of professionals and has proven track record in the automotive, IT, financial and investment industries. This makes CurioInvest strong and reliable by its users.

Why You Should Choose CurioInvest?

CurioInvest is not starting from scratch. CurioInvest is not built from scratch or just an idea, but CurioInvest is more than that. CurioInvest is a company with a sister company, Mercuria Helvetica AG. Mercuria Helvetica AG has built good and long-standing relationships with many world-famous car brands such as Pagani, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz. And CurioInvest has access to resources owned by Mercuria Helvetica AG. That’s why CurioInvest is very confident with their platform.

The CurioInvest operational model has been well designed, tried and tested by professional teams. This is to guarantee the entire life cycle of automotive investment. CurioInvest has taken steps to partner with car care companies, insurance companies, and tax-free physical storage providers. This is intended to make Curio Invest as a safe, comfortable and low-cost investment platform.

Design feature

Like any other project, CurioInvest has its own global goals and plans, on the basis of which the entire further structure of the new blockchain space is built. That is why CurioInvest strives to take a leading role in the global arena of collection security tokens.

I don’t think you should take too long to explain what that means. This means that all users of the CurioInvest token will be able to participate in the purchase of high-quality collection cars, as well as receive all the related procedures for the protection and protection of the purchased asset. Moreover, all these functions and options will be available within the transparent structure of the blockchain network, where each individual transaction will be securely stored and protected from any hacker interventions.


User-friendly Platform
The CurioInvest online platform will be based on and held by block-chain which makes it easy to use.

A barrier eliminator
The platform is an activation energy that gets rid of barriers that hinder/limit ‘everyone’ from entering the market.

One could enter with low investment
With lowered minimum capital investment, investors are enabled to buy stakes in variety of vehicles.

Investment process simplified
With block-chain, and the online platform, the investment process is greatly simplified. Investors can now perform a lot of activities easily online.

Easy management
CurioInvest will be able to easily manage, control and facilitate the activities and transactions in the market.

Easy purchase and sales

Insurance and Maintenance made easy

Fresh transparency and security
CurioInvest platform provides unprecedented, fresh openness and transparency, as well as security to this market which once was only accessible/approachable to the very wealthy personalities.


The distribution of the internal token CurioInvest will be carried out at the expense of modern technologies and the so-called crowdfunding. Each token has an indissoluble international identification combination of the securities number and is also entitled to future sales on any other digital exchanges. More detailed information about how the cost of the collection objects will be displayed in the form of an internal token CurioInvest, as well as other related actions, you can find in the technical documentation of the project or on the official website.















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