Current (CNRC) ICO – The Blockchain for Multimedia and Best Content on the Market

Current is a media platform making an across the board customized encounter that prizes clients for gushing from the systems they adore, as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and the sky is the limit from there. This cash tokens can be used in three ways, first buyers can spare their cash on their current media membership outside the current’s platform or even get them for nothing. Second, publicists and makers can purchase advertisements on the Current’s platform. Also, this can be used to exchange on outsider trades.

Current is creating a digital token (based on Ethereum blockchain) that uniquely rewards a person’s time, money spent, and data shared during the media streaming experience. This token can be used to purchase a broad range of products, services, and in-platform advertising.

By consolidating popular media networks into one place, Current already provides more than 200,000 users with a more convenient search and discovery experience. With the launch of the platform token, users will be rewarded for streaming content from their favorite networks like: Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. The platform combines behavioral data points surrounding the types, times, and topics played by each person across multiple networks to serve up better recommendations than any single network alone.

CURRENT’s Potentials

Billions of mobile users to use Current platform: Gen Z(also known as Gen Z, iGeneration, Post-Millennials, or Homeland Generation) is spending more than 5 hours per day on their phone, with an estimated buying power of $44 Billion, making them well positioned for cryptocurrency adoption. By designing Current platform with the most digitally active generation in mind, we differentiate ourselves from the infrastructural protocols developed to serve the “initial wave” of avid users and delivers a valuable new audience to the world of blockchain.

As blockchain technology continues to mature and adapt to market needs, the token, the platform, and the protocol will continue to leverage bleeding edge technologies to maximize value for all participants. In the future, the Current Ecosystem will become:

-A Superior Identity Profile For Blockchain Based Applications.

-Decentralized Storage Infrastructure Alongside Centralized Networks.

-Ethereum Blockchain Scalability via State Channels For The Media Industry.

Platform-The Current media platform consolidates the best content and features from the most popular media networks into an all-in-one, personalized media experience.

A New Way to Play Media: The Current platform provides a more convenient and thorough media search and discovery process by consolidating disparate content sources into one place. Aside from reducing the number of apps needed to play music, video, podcasts etc… With more convenient streaming, reducing barriers to ownership, keeping up with culture and better recommendations.

III. ICO Details

Symbol: CRNC

Sale Amount: 350.000.000 CRNC

Total Supply: CRNC

Exchange Rate: $0.24<>1CRNC

Softcap: 5.000.000$

Hardcap: 36.000.000$

Accepted Payments: ETH, BTC, NEO

Pre Sale: 07/02/2018–21/02/2018

Main Sale: 14/03/2018–04/04/2018

Minimum Transaction: 0.03 ETH

Claim Your Wallet Campaign: 21/03/2018

Target: Accepting ETH, BTC, NEO Presale


Core Team, Contributors, Advisors & Investors

Current ICO backed by Mark Cuban- the major investor of CNRC. Mark Cuban is the owner of NBA Dallas Mavericks and chairman of Axs TV.

Dev team with four years of experience building consumer and media products, they have generated tens of millions of app downloads & tens of millions in revenue. most recent exit was ranked amongst Alexa’s Global Top 500 most trafficked websites.


Rating 4.5/5

Current is very hot ICO, already got a finished product ( available on the Appstore) and has high-growth community. I am pretty sure this is going to be a sold out public sale. With hardcap 36.000.000$ i am expecting a good run at the exchanges when this lists.

Thank you!

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