Custom Contract Network (CCN)

Custom Contract Network (CCN) provides world-class intellectual contract services that are accurate and efficient in one place.

CCN |  Global Decentralization Platform for Solving Smart Contract Problems.

Our token distributor contract makes it possible to use the power of leading blockchain technology. This smart contract will enable Ethereum users to distribute mass distribution in one click to reduce power, electricity, transaction costs, labor, management and accuracy

What is CCN? 

CCN is a smart contract services company that provides cost-effective solutions for developing and auditing smart contracts, Our mission is to provide smart, customizable and open and reliable contracts based on the EthEREum Blockchain protocol to meet user needs in complete security to protect Ether Users, tokens or data stored in a smart contract.


Your project went through several phases before we started making code. Our process is simple but effective starting with gathering requirements and ending with the delivery of high quality products to ensure the safety of your business and people.

ccn process workflow

We follow a systematic approach to completing our development and audit tasks that help us accelerate the entire process. Before we start working on the project, your project is under various analyzes to ensure the best results.

  1. The process consists of collecting data and facts by interacting with clients and understanding their needs.
  2. Our team analyzes your needs and project objectives to verify their feasibility to get tangible results.
  3. The design of the software is prepared with the help of the requirements specified.
  4. We develop code using an integration process that consists of developing various components in parallel.
  5. The code developed is tested against requirements to ensure that the product truly solves the needs handled.
  6. Finally, the product is sent / distributed to the customer.


CNN  chose  to help its clients achieve their goals, personalize their smart contracts, create an innovative environment and make changes. Our strong identification with client projects means that we continue to strive to provide solutions, even for problems that they do not yet know. To do this, we apply a progressive approach to technology. CNN has lower performance features that make it the best adoption company ever:

1. Effective Cost: We provide the lowest cost services to develop smart contracts and audit services. In addition, there are:

a No configuration fees: Deploy smart contracts for your project through testnet and mainnet completely free. In addition, we do not charge fees for distributing public repositories with README files and GPL licenses (which you can change later) via github.

b. Free consultation: we provide a free consultation on project review and propose protocol standards for smart contracts and what arrangements will be needed with the final budget for development.

2. Fast and reliable development. Having a consistent process and diverse resources allows us to accelerate the development process. In addition, CCN trusts a team of experienced developers to make your application on time with a fixed deadline. In addition, we have created our own library of Ethereum errors, errors and vulnerabilities to verify reasonable contracts for compliance and ensure intelligent contract security and reliability.

3. Compliance Certification: After conducting a thorough intellectual audit of the contract, we form a report on all the tests performed and the results of this test with comments and compliance certifications. The certificate confirms that your smart contract meets the requirements of the CCN Cyber ​​Security Standard.

4. Implementation of Testnet. Before your smart contract is applied to the core network, it will be distributed to testnet to verify functionality, optimization, and proper compliance with smart contract standards. However, implementation in the core network can work a little differently than the implementation in the test network, based on the conditions of the Ethereum network.

5. Many payment options. Many smart contract service providers accept payments in Fiat currency (dollars, euros) or in cryptocurrency (BTC / ETH). But CCN accepts 9 types of cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, TRX, DASH, DGB, XMR, BCH), 3 types of optional currencies (INR, USD, EURO) and CCN tokens for purchasing CCN services.

6. Post-service support: after-service support is very important because it helps ensure that customers are satisfied with their requirements. Our system is always ready to help them if there are difficulties or if they need support. They can contact our team as soon as possible for better assistance.

7. Full customer interaction. The best way to win loyal customers is to have excellent customer relations and build long-term relationships with them. We have calm, patient and well-trained employees who are dedicated to interacting with customers using the five key components of a good presence:

Token Information

Token Symbol: CCN

Number of Supply Tokens: 890,000,000,000

decimal: 18

Token Category: ERC-20, Utility Tokens

Primary Market ETH & BTC

Smart Contract Address: 0x17B26400621695c2D8C2D8869f6259E82D7544c4


CCN |  Global Decentralization Platform for Solving Smart Contract Problems.  - 5


CCN |  Global Decentralization Platform for Solving Smart Contract Problems.  - 6

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