Crypto Fine Wine Exchange (CWEX) is a rescue for potential investors


CWEX is a new platform that facilitates fine wine trade between cryptocurrency holders and registered wine vendors. CWEX is supported by WEX Limited Hong Kong in partnership with DotChain GmbH, a Swiss-based company that confirms the validity of good wine product contracts and ensures trade accountability and authenticity of products by conducting a comprehensive audit process on vendors looking for product listings. CWEX, on the other hand, is a management platform that oversees trade and is based in Hong Kong.

A new cryptocurrency that allows wine merchants and cryptocurrency holders to trade & hold wines at   exchanging Cwex / BTC / ETH / NEO / USDT.
Quality wine is one of the most profitable investment assets. The demand to invest in it grows significantly. However, the wine trading platform is currently complicated and has high processing costs.
The CWEX exchange aims to build a wine trading platform that is easy to use and easy to use. Supported by its partner, Swiss-based DotChain GmbH, it guarantees investment anonymity and security by providing blockchain-based ownership certification for each bottle of wine traded on the trading platform.
This trading system with ownership certificates significantly reduces current processing costs, making buyers almost 80% higher than their initial investment.
“Many people say what happens if the global market falls? The advantage, prices are down, not only profitable but not as bad as other markets. “
Cult Wines with 100 million dollars in assets manages funds throughout the world, offering investment services that are suitable for their clients according to their funds as well. safe and anticipated risk. The company advises wine investors to sell their wine after three to seven years to get the maximum profit. Secure.


CWEX Trading Process

The CWEX platform makes trading easy and available to all people who are interested in investing their cryptocurrency ownership in real-world assets (luxury wines).
On the CWEX platform, only wine vendors who pass a rigorous audit process can register their products for trade. For you as a trader, that means the security of your investment and guarantee the authenticity of good wine.
Your trade cycle on the platform is done in these five simple steps:
1. Bid or offer
As a registered trader, you can bid or offer for selected wines.
2. Trade matches
After your offer or offer is matched, you will be notified of a successful trade.
3. CWEX in partnership with DotChain GmbH secures wine
CWEX in partnership with a company based in Switzerland, DotChain GmbH secures assets, fulfills all compliance requirements and guarantees your assets.
4. Blockchain-based ownership certification is transferred to the buyer
You receive a blockchain-based ownership certification in your account, as a guarantee of the authenticity of the bottle and the value of the investment.
5. Three options are available for certificate holders
As a certificate owner, you have three options – your ownership certification can be traded on a platform, held to award prices or fulfill it in physical wine delivery.

Pre-ICO & Value

CWEX tokens are created on the EOS platform. The benefits are a strong ecosystem, easy integration with third party contracts and smart applications, as well as with EOS standard wallets and exchanges.


December 15, 2018 to January 9, 2019

Number of tokens sold

55,180,000 (62%)


January 10, 2019 to March 21, 2019

Token exchange rate

00.16 $

Acceptable currency


Minimum transaction amount


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