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For each reward, there is a corresponding demerit. When the glory of crypto currencies skyrocketed, various frauds and false trade executions entered the crypto arena, creating high risks, excessive threats and critical consequences for investors.

Confused, confused and obstructed investors begin to look for the best ways to invest through the use of crypto currencies into some real value assets and high-yielding collections that will one day produce useful results and useful results, which they were expected to have.

Fine Wine Exchange (CWEX) – Go-To Exchange
Crypto Fine Wine Exchange (CWEX) You come as a rescue for potential investors who want to play safely, safely and profitably. A secure platform that is decentralized, unique, and easy to use, allows you to trade valuable “fine” investment assets in the real world.

Here are some other features of your exchange:

CWEX simplifies the wine trade both through blockchain technology, where crypto currency holders can trade in decent wine and hold it on the exchange on CWEX, BTC, ETC, USDT, NEO.

CWEX provides a safe, less risky and decentralized platform to invest cryptocurrency in valuable bottles like quality wine to maximize your investment.

This platform provides a good opportunity to invest without the complications of rules and regulations, the difficulty of disclosing identity and doubts about confidentiality issues.

The significance and use of Blockchain technology is dramatically evolving today. This technology provides many benefits for transparency to users, making it possible to detect cheating or misuse of anything during the transaction. A large number of wine companies have brought Blockchain technology to maintain quality, eliminate human error, protect data, reduce trade costs and conduct decentralized, safe and efficient trade.

Thus, a platform that utilizes Blockchain technology like CWEX produces tremendous benefits and valuable benefits for all types of investors around the world.

Invest in Fine Wine

Investing in a good wine trade is an ancient practice, lasting for years. In particular, short-term investors tend to invest in markets such as wine that generate high profits in a short time, after which they move to the next offer for other investments. The rising wine market today in recent years has never been experienced before.

Apart from luxury clothing, rare coins, and premium cars, luxury wine has also proven to be a substantial source of large and short investments to gain high profits and profits exclusively in the end. Thus, a good wine trade continues to increase from the past decade, increasing in full swing, emerging as one of the most profitable and profitable solutions for short-term investors around the world.

In fact, many statistical and research reports have proven remarkable growth, ensuring that good wine is the most profitable short-term investment asset.

Awesome Wine Performance

The report stipulates that its value has increased by 24% in just one year, 55% in five years and 256% in 10 years. This data shows that this is a booming market with a lot of potential, where investors will not regret or face disappointment in their decision to invest in these precious bottles through their crypto currencies.

Founded with more than 10 years in the wine market, a company based in the London Cult Wines, other studies have measured the performance of good wine prices through the Fine 1000-ex Fine 1000 Index and produced remarkable results. It even shows that investing in quality wine is far better than investing in gold or stocks. At the time of recession, fine wine does a better job than gold. So, investing in wine is not only beneficial but also safe and secure.

The index further shows that in fact, during the economic crisis and financial crisis of 2008, the global financial conditions of the stock exchange and gold futures were rather sad compared to good wine. These numbers do not decline to only zero but fall in negative returns. When asked by Tom Gearing, managing director of Cult Wines about such markets, invest in quality wines

global crisis, he said:

“Many people say what happens if the global market falls? The benefits, the price goes down, not only profitable but not as bad as other markets. ”
Cult Wines with 100 million dollar assets managing funds around the world, offering investment services that are suitable for their clients according to their funds as well. safe and anticipated risks. The company advises wine investors to sell their wine after three to seven years to get maximum profit. Secure.

Why join CWEX? Today

CWEX was established to provide trading actions not only in a fast manner, but also to offer competitive prices for stable wallet holders. In addition, ensure optimal security in the trading process and provide a final guarantee to the client. This platform is not only for people who are ordinary crypto-currency users in their investment and trade, but newcomers to the crypto world or a good wine trade can also trade them on the CWEX platform without difficulty or hassle.

Where other platforms charge higher payments for the wine trade, CWEX believes in providing exceptional services at a low cost that is only 1% for the cost of the manufacturer and 1% for the cost of the taker. As a result, CWEX has become the most competitive and attractive wine trading platform in the entire market.
Having the safest and most protected technology system, all digital assets are stored and handled efficiently and safely on CWEX.

With the experience of exceptional experts and a quality team, CWEX extends its advanced support to its diversified clients throughout the world, with their exceptional services. 24/7 support is available to all clients, no matter which time zone or region they are in, this service is active all the time to meet their needs and requests.

To start a good wine trade with your cryptocurrency, all you need to do is mentor your account on CWEX and start bidding or offering the wine you want. You can find all the necessary information regarding the quality wines available on the website including the year, type, format of the case, contract, and quantity.

In addition, all crypto exchange rates and markets are mentioned respectively, namely the CWEX Market, BTC Market, ETH Market, USDT Market, and NEO Market.

Pre-ICO & Value
CWEX tokens are created on the EOS platform. The benefits are a strong ecosystem, easy integration with third-party smart contracts and applications, as well as with EOS wallet and exchange standards.

  • Pre-ICO December 15, 2018 to January 9, 2019
  • Number of tokens for sale 55,180,000 (62%)
  • ICO January 10, 2019 to March 21, 2019
  • Token value of exchange. 16 $

Acceptable currencies EOS, ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, NEO, ZEC, XMR, USDT Amount 

minimum transaction of 50USD Final Word
To get a reliable return on investment, it is clear to investors that a good wine trade with the use of Blockchain technology is the most profitable, cost-effective and profitable option. Wine performance is good and growth is increasing every day, providing profitable opportunities for investors today and potentially must stop to take over opportunities and become part of the world from this highly digitalized and developing digital market. Joining a guaranteed wine exchange with crypto-currency.

CWEX and, therefore, allow trade safely and smoothly with one of the most desirable and profitable investment assets available today. Lots of good wine to overtake other investment players in the future inevitable exchange of crypto currencies.
Become part of the new world!

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