CWEX: Future of Decentralized Fine Wine Trading

Crypto Wine Exchange Platform

The undertaking is a fundamental piece of customary nourishments, culture, which isn’t only a shallow feeder of yearning. The stage is digital money based, intended to make an exchanging stage that means to exchange bottling works. This is a digital currency that permits wine dealers and individuals with cryptographic money to exchange and keep up simplicity of exchanging on the stage of trade for example CWEX/BTC/ETH/NEO/USDT

The CWEX trade plans to fabricate a wine-exchanging stage that is anything but difficult to utilize and simple to utilize. Upheld by its accomplice, Swiss-based DotChain GmbH, it ensures venture namelessness and security by giving blockchain-based proprietorship confirmation to each jug of wine exchanged on the exchanging stage.

This exchanging framework with proprietorship endorsements altogether lessens current preparing costs, making purchasers practically 80% higher than their underlying speculation. On the CWEX stage, just wine merchants who pass a thorough review procedure can enroll their items for exchange. For you as a merchant, that implies the security of your venture and ensures the legitimacy of good wine.

The uniqueness of CWEX stage

Programmed fine wine exchange

We give chances to wine merchants and digital currency mortgage holders to exchange together for prime time amid the quick market environment on a world scale.

Smooth and simple exchanging

Exchange with the nature of your dearest genuine world on a world scale with no legitimate or procedural deterrents.

Solid speculation returns

Put your advanced possession in resources, which are steady and certification short and long haul returns.

Namelessness and security in exchange

We guarantee the nonappearance of name and venture security through the blockchain framework, which is for the most part dependent on proprietorship confirmation.

CWEX Trading Process

The CWEX stage makes straightforward mercantilism and available for everybody inquisitive about putting their digital money proprietorship in certifiable (quality wines).

Exchange cycle on the stage is done in these five basic advances:

Offer or offer

As an enlisted dealer, you can offer or offer for chosen wines.

Exchange matches

After your offer or offer is coordinated, you will be told of an effective exchange.

CWEX in association with DotChain GmbH verifies wine

CWEX in association with an organization situated in Switzerland, DotChain GmbH verifies resources, satisfies all consistence necessities and ensures your benefits.

Blockchain-based proprietorship accreditation is exchanged to the purchaser

You get a blockchain-based proprietorship accreditation in your record, as an assurance of the realness of the container and the estimation of the venture.

Three alternatives are accessible for testament holders

As a testament proprietor, you have three alternatives – your possession accreditation can be exchanged on a stage, held to grant costs or satisfy it in physical wine conveyance.

Token information

Nama Token: CWEX – Crypto Wine Exchange

Compatibility: EOS

Instant token delivery: Yes for EOS

Total supply (100%): 89,000,000

Supply of sales (62%): 55,180,000

CWEX team, future stakeholders, community and user growth (38%): 33,820,000

Soft cap: 1.000.000 USD

Hard cap: 10.000.000 USD

Purchase limit: Max. (Personal hat) 100,000 USD

Unsold tokens: Burned

The exchange rate for selling tokens is pre-ICO (bonus 20%): $ 00.16

The exchange rate for selling tokens at ICO: $ 00.20

Pre-sale period (pre-ICO): December 15, 2018 to January 9, 2019

Selling period (ICO): January 10, 2019 to March 21, 2019

Method pembelian: EOS / ETH / BTC / BCH / LTC / NEO / ZEC / XMR / USDT


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