Cyber ​​Capital Invest

Cyber ​​Capital Invest

the benefits of trading Cryptocurrency are very well known through friends, colleagues and the media.

Cyber ​​Capital Invest is an online investment platform, for people who want to trade on the market, but because there is no experience, do not know how to start.
Today Crypto Currency is becoming mainstream. Influence, the profit that will be generated from trading Cryptocurrency has become very well known, through friends, colleagues and the media. The story of people turning a small portion of capital into exponential growth, a large nest egg, by investing and trading in Cryptocurrency.
Even though Crypto is becoming mainstream, there are still large numbers that cannot be used. People who don’t know how to setup a Crypto wallet, buy money, read market signs, to find out the time to trade. The mission of Cyber ​​Capital Invest is to provide funds for flexible and secure investment funds with a very profitable business model.
Here provide input and an affordable amount for them. They are guaranteed, even if they cannot be used to access a diversified asset portfolio. In addition to CCPTO-based currency trading, CCI offers profit sharing tokens that will help grow the capital trading platform.

Users Receive ‘Level of Access’ based on their deposit amount and investment period.

  • Basic level: lower limit, but we will never ask for any documentation for that.
  • Silver Level: there are no equal limits, but users must send with photo ID etc.
  • Gold level: no restrictions, full verified account, higher amount (Only for users with higher deposits and long investment plans.

Additional profit generated from User capital

Above the temporarily constructed profit margin stored by Cyber ​​Capital Invest, will be sent. We enter this advantage between:
  • Token Holders (30%)
  • Trader
  • Operating Budget
  • Trading Capital Increase Pot

The advantage of using Cyber ​​Capital Invest

We will automatically insure all of our Users and insurance coverage will vary. Values ​​will be given to users who have been chosen by the user for adoption:
  • The Insured Basic Access Level is up to $ 1,000 + 10% profit.
  • Insured Silver Access Level up to $ 10,000 + 10% profit.
  • Insured deposits up to $ 100,000 + 10% profit.
If there is a “force majeure” or a dramatic decrease in the price of a currency, our users will guarantee to protect their insured assets. This guarantee will be made with our reserve guarantee. This will be covered by Trading Capital Our reserves and investments made by users.
Basic information
Cybercapitalinvest Name Token
Token Sale CCI
Crowdsale Tier 1 $ 0,14
Platform Ethereum
Presale $ 0,12
Private sale of $ 0.10
Forbidden Countries There are no restrictions
Trading Capital Recommendations
Law and Legalization
How does it work
For more information please visit the following link:
Username: Kopisusu 4000 Link:;u=1953415

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