CYBER FM : A twenty-first century underground mainstreaming radio


CyberFM is a US-based radio station where you can listen to music anywhere in the world and also have programs that discuss sports, comedy, games and comic drama events. Founded on October 11, 2007, currently, they intend to enter the crypto world where they provide CYFM and MFTU free tokens because they violate the law to have ICO in the country. CYFM and MFTU have different use cases.

CYBERFM Station will also have future programs that will discuss cryptocurrency and where this ICO program will be able to advertise and they can use CYFM token as payment.

It is prominent we attempt to agnize the parts of this creative instruments which are; CYFM and MFTU, this fundamental is a Token that verbalizes with an authoritative pleasant cryptographic sort of money for Artists that are starting at now enrolled with adjacent depiction where as the later is a Token that is similar anyway verbalizes with the world’s first really progressed, conceivable, honest to goodness and cryptographic Performance Rights Organization for Independent Artists.


You don’t need to influence block without straw before you to make stones to fabricate your future in CyberFm Radio Network, Funny. Truly, simply influence your music, to influence your story, to transfer, essentially like that. You didn’t need to pay to end up a part, you didn’t need to stress over information use, with your cell phone you can transfer with less information, boundless spilling without skirting a channel and high solid quality and video clearness is ensure .It couldn’t be any more obvious, it costs nothing! Visit the site for more information.

At any rate I overlook that they have two tokens on the etheric blockchain, to be specific CYFM and MFTU, the two tokens are support for the advantage of CyberFm and MFTU, they have ceaseless bounties where you can win a portion of these tokens, visit their site for more points of interest and furthermore their difference channel.


  1. CyberFM naturally alludes to new, autonomous and future specialists as though they are currently on the radio. CyberFM makes everything fair for every online medium!
  2. Each online radio station will be completely good at the world level in a decentralized domain.
  3. Guaranteeing the changeless disposal of the “esteem hole”, which is the best risk to the future maintainability of the music business.
  4. Each online communicate will similarly secure every craftsman. Despite the portrayal and enrollment of PRO!


• Help to beginners
It’s satisfying to hear that this project helps novice performers to gain popularity by losing their songs on their radio.

• Free application
You will not need to purchase this app, all you need is just download it to your phone and enjoy the music.

• Lack of advertising
I think each of us will consider this a big plus, no intrusive advertising, only music and nothing more.

CYFM Token is a cryptographic currency format that complies with regulatory requirements for players currently registered with local representatives.

MFTU Tokens are similar, but this is the first truly digital, fair, legal, and cryptographic performance organization for independent artists. Protect your rights and payments worldwide!

The second token – is an ERC20 asset, registered in ETH blockcheyne, used to create a universal payment system that lets you collect royalties for all shows at any time in all countries! MFTU and CYFM tokens will initially also be used to complete payments for online membership on the radio, credit for in-app purchases and registration fees.


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