CyberFM / MFTU ” We’re not Online Radio, we’re Radio, online “

Today I am writing a very interesting project called Cyberfm which has a Mainstream For The Underground (MFTU). This project seems more interesting after reading the whitepaper. The project has a very good concept. I know this project will get high success. Consider investing. I am very happy with this project. I will explain a few more details below about this great project to be easily understood by everyone.

Internet radio also known as web radio, net radio, streaming radio or e-radio is an audio broadcasting service that is transmitted over the internet. Broadcasting conducted over the internet is referred to as webcasting because it is not transmitted widely through wireless means.

CYBERFM Station will also have future programs that will discuss cryptocurrency and where this ICO program will be able to advertise and they can use CYFM token as payment.

For Music Listener’s: This is a place for listeners to access music that is not normally available in “Mainstream.” ALL direct and all free to be heard! This past week I saved a practical pointer at the top of my web browser, so I can easily connect and see I’m working. They have 5 channels of music genre in their warehouse to be enjoyed by music lovers and them. Various music: Xtreme Free4All, CyberFM Country, Radio Rock, Streetz, The Cross.

Cyber-FM Radio is clearer sound quality than any radio and now listen to Cyber-FM does not cost anything and this is a hope for us as music lovers let alone available with mainstream artists, when else we enjoy the music we want only is on Radio Cyber ​​- FM.

ARE YOU MFTU (Mainstream For The Underground)?

The New MFTU System will take you to CyberFM Radio fans who follow us on Social Media! In addition, our system tells YOUR fans every time your song airs in the air! Our own social media offers you unlimited reach!

Over the past 10 years, being a MFTU Artist has always gotten rotation and airtime across the Cyber-FM Network plus all its partner channels. You get immediate exposure to an online radio audience. Absolutely FREE!

Everyone knows the original CyberFM Motto: “We are not Radio Online, we are Radio, online!” Our new algorithm plays your music in the same genre as mainstream artists that fans already know! The playground is flattened.


The Double Token ecosystem is named the CyberFM “CYFM” token and is named the “MFTU” token for “Mainstream For The Underground.”

CYFM tokens represent cryptographic currency forms that are according to rules for Artists currently registered with local representatives. As mentioned above or for example SOCAN in Canada.

MFTU Tokens are similar, but represent a truly digital, fair, legal, and cryptographic Performance Rights Organization for Independent Artists. Protect their rights and payments throughout the world!

Both utility tokens are ERC20 assets listed on the ETH blockchain that are used to create this universal payment system that allows royalties to be collected for all shows, at all times, across the country! MFTU and CYFM tokens will also be used initially to complete fiat payments for online radio membership, credit for in-app purchases and registration fees.





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