CyberMiles: Smart Contracts for eCommerce and Blockchain(Review)

Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising CyberMiles and its advantages.

About the project:

Emerging developments in the technology are so large that builders are working day and night time in efforts of innovation and maintaining up with the cutting-edge trends. CyberMiles is one of the contemporary applied sciences in the blockchain industry which has been constructed to revolutionize the operations in digital commerce and online marketplaces. The protocol targets to create a common platform the place customers can purchase and promote merchandise and offerings having equal self-belief as they would if they shopped from other online platforms such as Walmart or Amazon. Imagine a platform the place men and women could interact, promote products, purchase merchandise and manage the platform in a democratic way.

The CyberMiles projects goal to decentralize the e-commerce ecosystem, supplying a blockchain choice to e-commerce titans, like Amazon. The machine is incentivized by the actively traded CMT (CyberMiles Token). Ultimately, CyberMiles hopes to join its profitable sister company, 5miles, with a blockchain platform that presents help for auxiliary decentralized apps for a self-sustaining, networked marketplace.

“By focusing on e-commerce and on-line marketplaces, CyberMiles will integrate the present day blockchain improvements to electricity ‘smart commercial enterprise contracts” on a particularly high-quality chain, and unravel the latency issues associated with existing, general-use blockchains,” the builders wrote. “Its utility token, CyberMiles Token, is planned to be a ‘master token’ to fund and empower new e-commerce applications and projects, similar to how ETH is used for the cutting-edge era of ICOs.”

About cybermiles plan

In the long run, the 5miles will move their dealers and purchasers to the framework. This will be the primary gathering of individuals will’s identity cooperating with the stage. The gathering will permit to effectively take an interest in the decentralized system. In straightforward term, the 5miles clients information will be the pioneer of the new system which fills in as a backend administration, and it will give the kick-begin to the biological system. When new clients begin joining the stage and framework requires a decent number of the clients from everywhere throughout the world, the system will wind up solid. The clients will be motivators by giving the CyberMiles token, and it will be connected to the next accomplice stages and commercial centers too. The procedure will work self-governingly driving the advertising place and become one of the main blockchain convention for business and commercial center applications on the planet.

Cybermiles is one of the top customers of purchaser web based business entryway in the United States. The 5miles are running the application called 5miles application that secures more than 10 million enrolled American clients since dispatch. It is determined that it will surpass $3 billion in absolute exchange an incentive in 2017. It is an exceedingly prevalent application in the US. Numerous new clients enlisted on the stage each day. The application is always developing in the market. The 5miles application is evaluated a main 10 shopping application in the US. According to the expository information, the 5miles clients go through over 24 minutes out of every day on the application. The measurement plainly demonstrates that the application has high commitment rate in the web based business industry. Individuals use different highlights of the application and take an interest in a different movement while working the application.

How Can Developers Use the CyberMiles Blockchain?

Developers can advance their own proprietary cash to mesh with the CyberMiles network, primarily based on the CMT token. Cross-coin features, like loyalty points, can be integrated seamlessly.

CyberMiles proposes numerous fascinating achievable use cases.

Using CMT, digital coupons may want to be issued to customers within a fixed geographic radius. Disputes between dealers and buyers should be submitted to provider pool arbiters. Specialized agencies should be created with a dapp device to cater to one particular suitable — say, traditional cars.

CyberMiles additionally has the manageable to exchange future advertising and marketing strategies.

As a social community based round neighborhood commerce, 5miles is uniquely well-suited to match grant and demand for goods and services, and CyberMiles’ solutions should fuel the next era of aspects to higher join ‘sellers’ with the most applicable ‘buyers,’” the develops wrote. “For example, we count on many auto sellers or auto mechanics would like to reach out to the daily volume of approximately 12,000 energetic vehicle shoppers on 5miles, and many shifting corporations would like to attain out to customers buying giant furniture. On ordinary marketplaces, sending messages or pop-up notifications to those users may additionally be intrusive and disruptive.

In the CyberMiles system, CMT is used to transmit centered messages that can be conventional or rejected by using the system’s users. Accepted messages will generate a small element of CMT as a reward.


One of the main advantage of CyberMiles is that it is community driven and community oriented e-commerce marketplace. The CyberMiles blockchain protocol will incentivize every community participants including buyer and seller. Adoption of blockchain technology brings transparency, security and trust in every platform operation. Smart Business Contracts offered by CyberMiles will help every type of business to easily implement and automate their processes. This complements eliminates need of any intermediaries and commissions associated with them. This helps to bring down products price and gives benefits to end consumers. This also helps to resolve any conflicts if arises between market participants.

Decentralization gives power in the hand of community and they can decide and future developments and their voting helps to resolve any conflicts. Simple say, it is the community driven e-commerce solution to every market participant.

CyberMiles ecosystem

Once CyberMiles is implemented, we will proceed with the transaction with the CyberMiles Token (CMT).

CyberMiles wants to solve the monopolization of online e-commerce.

So I put the master node function in CMT.

If you deposit a coin in Cyber ​​Miles, you have the authority as master node

You will be able to engage in the operation of Cyber ​​Miles.

CMT is not a virtual point money for simple payment.

As a compensation for all the actions that take place within the online shopping mall, the CMT functionality will be expanded

This will be done one by one by the decision of the CMT master nodes.

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