CyBit is an Open Source Ecosystem to facilitate Crowdfunding! CyBit platform is built on ERC-223 protocol with smart contracts for highly secure validation of transactions and protection from malicious attacks. It adopts methodologies that support infrastructure flexibility and ensures safety & stability of the system. CyBit supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns; Initial Coin Offering, Crowd Investing, and Crowd Funding. CyBit offers a unique vehicle for Investors to finance projects through CBT as an underlying value token! CyBit providing a comprehensive smart-contract capability for seamless execution of projects with full transparency and liquidity.

What Does Cybit Do?

Put simply, Cybit simplifies and expedites the process for the creation of Initial Coin Offerings. In the status quo, ICOs are created through a strenuous process. Companies must create their own currency on the blockchain, a task which requires significant technological understanding. Once this is done, the budding startup must then find a way to publicize their coin offering, creating a unique platform that allows consumers to gain access to their product and currency.

Cybit sidesteps this entire process. They offer both a pre-created platform and their own decentralized currency, known as CBT coins. Additionally, a wide variety of unique security features that help to provide a personalized a safe way for consumers to invest and for companies to secure the funds that they need.

Marking a key distinction in funding strategies, Cybit offers three separate ways to run fundraising campaigns: Initial Coin Offering, Crowd Investing, and Crowd Funding. This separation of strategies allows startup companies on the blockchain to pick the form of funding that best provides for their situation and their needs.

Cybit CBT Token ICO Details

The most up-to-date information on this ongoing fundraising process can be found on the company’s ICO website. As of now, the organization has managed to raise $265,311 in their own coin offering’s presale.

Perimeters Of The ICO

Token Symbol: CBT

Token Sale Date: 05/10/18 – TBD

Accepted Payment Method: ETH, BTC & LTC

Total Supply: 8.5 Billion

Token Standard: Ethereum

Soft Cap: 2,500,000

Hard Cap: 50,000,000

Cybit Features

Though the company lists several major benefits to their platform, there are a few key components which help to set the service apart from other methods of crowdfunding present on the blockchain. In particular, the company stresses the flexibility of their system as a selling point of the platform.

The blockchain infrastructure of the Cybit system is one major feature that the company cites for its product’s success. Their site elaborates that they use the blockchain to provide a “unique identity” for each node. As a security measure, this is an incredibly effective way to ensure the viability of the system and prevent fraud.

Capitalizing once more on a desire for a safe and user-friendly experience, the company also highlights “easy token integration” within the platform. “Doing work” helps to earn users token, and ever node has its own, unique token.

From a structural perspective, Cybit has a lot to offer the cryptocurrency and ICO community.

The Amazing Team

B. Lee Jones – CEO

Paul Macfarlane – CMO

Kathleen Wolf – Chief Financial Officer

Garima Singh – Chief Strategy Officer

Naquib Hatami – Founder

Guney Demirci – VP of Operation

Simon Choi – Legal Counsel


The CyBit solution empowers ICO developers to visit the platform, submit their funding requirements, and use CyBit channels to get evaluated by potential Investors. Upon successful evaluation, the Investors will invest in their projects using CyBit Tokens. The entire process is secured using smart contracts. The platform protects the rights of each stakeholder.

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