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Hello to everyone in the Crypto investment community who have supported my blogs in the past, today I wrote this article to introduce you to a project that is CYBR

In today’s digital age, big brands are looking for channels so they can market their products in the most efficient and cost-effective way. These brand partnerships can be difficult to come by and, in all honesty, they rarely fall into your lap.

Rewards based on social media are a new concept, but we believe it will start a revolution. By using a reward-based social media platform, content creators are rewarded for the photos, videos, or blog links they upload, which means that revenue from the app is shared among alternate users. . put in the shareholder’s bag.

Imagine you have a dollar for everything as you have on Instagram? Award-based social media rewards bring in higher rewards for compelling content to encourage talented content creators to continue using their app.

And today I want to talk about CYBR as a comprehensive network security solution for blockchain, ensuring secure transactions by providing safeguards and countermeasures.


CYBR is an ever-expanding compendium of information combined with software that will be optimized for the blockchain. CYBR is a security solution that will endeavor to secure wallets, smart contract transactions and related activities that take place in the blockchain space. CYBR ecosystem is powered by BlindSpot, a proprietary CYBR security engine which identifies and disrupts bad actor and associated illicit file activity that seeks to affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of crypto smart contract transactions.

Practical application of CYBR
All Government systems go through Certification and Accreditation. BlindSpot offers malicious code protection, for both security considerations and required compliance. Guidelines found in NIST 800-53 Revisions 3+ Security Requirements for System Integrity, SI-3 Malicious Code Protection, state that malicious code protection mechanisms must be employed at information system entry and exit points, including workstations, notebook computers, and mobile devices, to detect and eradicate malicious code. BlindSpot’s continuous monitoring and updating of its known malicious file repository, provides the required real-time and monthly re-scans of files. It also alerts appropriate staff when malicious code is found, provides reports on potential malicious files, illicit activity, and offers follow-up with brief false positive reports (less than 0.01 per cent). BlindSpot helps organizations meet the mandated security requirements while ensuring continued compliance.

BlindSpot: A proprietary software that powers a potentially borderless landscape of threat identification.

Portal: CYBR utilizes a real-time, pedigreed data feed heretofore not available to the general public

Product CYBR Portal

The CYBR Ecosystem incorporates a web portal where CYBR users (the community) login to ensure secure smart transactions occur. The portal offers numerous capabilities including threat alerts, address and website verification, sending/receiving of tokens, BlindSpot downloads, and support including an FAQ, as well as access to the proprietary CYBR database of current, known and emerging threats. This portal provides real-time safeguards, countermeasures and threat intelligence to the CYBR community as well as other crypto entities and exchanges.

Information on CYBR ICO
Symbol: CYBR
Total supply: CYBR
Priced: 0.08$
Accepting: ETH
Start ICO: 15 Oct 2018
End ICO: 30 Nov 2018
Softcap: 2.000.000$
Hardcap: 15.000.000$


Team and Advisor

CYBR’s team and Advisor have experience in areas such as: Blockchain, Cyber Security, Marketting, Economics, etc..

team 1.png
team 2.png


The CYBR Ecosystem is a holistic, cyber security solution for the blockchain which ensures secure transactions by providing countermeasures & safeguards. So you should carefully study all the details of the project, and decide whether to buy their cards or not. To better understand the project and decide, I recommend you study the information on the links below.

Telegram: http://tg//join?invite=IpnOJQ6irqRQU3RpE414lA

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