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Cycoin is a stage that will deal with a crate of crypto resources and monetary standards for your sake – so you don’t need to. Cycoin is an ERC20 token dependent on the Etherium stage bringing the majority of the built up value-based, protection and security advantages of demonstrated square anchor innovation to Cycoin holders. Cycoin is a riches coin, holders will get an advantage sponsored coin with access to month to month pay and quarterly capital circulations conveyed as salary. 50,000,000 Cycoins will be issued and will be recorded on outside trades after fulfillment of the ICO.


Cycoin intends to give new and in addition built up financial specialists access to the digital money speculation markets with a trustworthy and simple system to hold a pool of cryptographic forms of money which will convey a salary stream, without the migraine of scouring through long stretches of research and manual contributing. The point is to utilize attempted and detectably okay speculation procedures to just convey salary reward to holders of Cycoin.


The target at Cycoin is to make a custom fitted coin popular government conveyed through on chain and off chain structures. Utilizing the square chain as one method of administration, to set the standards of administration and drive the casting a ballot framework as fair-minded, unchanging, provable and effective. This is the on chain administration segment. This couples with off tie administration structures serving to make an unbreakable bond between the coinholders and the advantage of the coin (i.e. coin financial specialist assets) and connecting to the on chain administration framework. At the point when these work pair, control stays with the coinholder, as does the valuable privilege to the advantage of the coin. This result makes the Cycoin popular government.

The Reason for CYCOIN?

With such a large number of new digital forms of money developing, it is extremely tedious to figure out which coins are the genuine article and which ones are definitely not. Some of them are genuine and promising however have a tremendous undertaking ahead before their thought is demonstrated genuine. This is hazardous stuff. Instead of promising honestly absurd potential future salary and capital advantages that such a significant number of coins are attempting and numerous in the long run neglecting to do, CYcoin offers levelheaded, reasonable, genuine pay determining speculation techniques directed through set up instruments effectively obvious in the crypto markets. The assets CYcoin raise will be put into digital forms of money, so your cash won’t travel anyplace other than as set up in the criteria in this.

How it will function?

Cycoin is an advantage upheld coin, sponsored by the pool of digital currencies held. Cycoin holders will get casting a ballot control over the digital currency resources held by the Cycoin organization (see Coin Democracy). CYcoin will hold chosen monetary forms that are built up and genuine (for the most part in the main 100 by market top) to exploit exchange openings that emerge intermittently in the crypto markets and best ten by edge loaning monetary forms. CYcoin will likewise apportion a bit of the reserve to put resources into curated pre-ICO’s and ICO’s cautiously examined and chosen by the group and outer experts in the crypto markets.

Reserve Criteria

The assets CYcoin raise will be put into coins that are recorded on trades which give edge loaning offices, for example, Bittrex and Poloniex. Assets will likewise be put into exchange openings where sensible value contrasts are obvious between one trade and another and adequate exchanging volume is evident.

A signs application is being developed to help recognize great exchange exchanges and 5% of the store will be held for improvement, lawful and startup costs. The store will likewise put into select introductory contributions of coin called pre-ICO’S and ICO’s.

The underlying speculation of the reserve will be to buy and after that loan the pool of coins held through various trades to promptly begin winning salary, until exchange openings are evident and furthermore while CYcoin deal with appealing Pre-ICO and ICO openings.

About The Coin Democracy

Coin Democracy exists to give certainty and security to the Cycoin holders. It is the connection between the substance which holds the pool of digital forms of money backing Cycoin and Cycoin holders, giving you genuine control over your venture.

The advantage backing is an unchangeable reality by excellence of Cycoin coin majority rules system. After finish of the ICO, the accompanying legitimate and mechanical procedures will be attempted and actualized on a continuous premise.

The majority of the crypto resources behind Cycoin will be stripped by the Cycoin organization into a trust and the recipients of the trust will be Cycoin holders. This implies the Cycoin organization does not possess the crypto resources backing Cycoin, successfully you do.

Cycoin will build up a vote based casting a ballot framework inside our blockchain where each Cycoin will be qualified for one vote. Casting a ballot will administer what is finished with the crypto resources with a lion’s share vote choosing.

This structure has been set up as a protect to Cycoin holders so that on the off chance that anything turns out badly to the degree that over 10% of the crypto resources backing Cycoin are lost for any reason, Cycoin holders may cast a ballot to convey the majority of the crytpo resources back to Cycoin holders. It a system intended to guarantee control of the benefits stays with Cycoin speculators.

This development has not yet been done in the digital money advertises and is an unsurpassed first for Cycoin. This component is intended to offer impact to genuine resource sponsorship and genuine control to financial specialists over the reserve.

It is likewise intended to give the capacity for Cycoin holders to a make a choice on any new activities presented for advantage Cycoin holders.

Cycoin Governance System

The Cycoin democracy design is shown below:

This design will create a process whereby investor holdings of Cycoin are backed by crypto assets over which investors can exert control and the effect of that control is legitimised and effected via smart contracts built into the Cycoin block chain. The outcome of a vote is instrumented through the smart contract design, mandating the deliverance of the vote decision.

Token and ICO Details

Cycoin is an ERC20 token based on the Etherium platform bringing all of the established transactional, privacy and security benefits of proven blockchain technology to Cycoin holders. Cycoin is a wealth coin, holders will receive an asset backed coin with access to monthly interest and quarterly capital distributions delivered as income.

The asset backing formula is an innovation that has not yet been done in the cryptocurrency markets and is an all time first for Cycoin. The mechanism is designed to give effect to real asset backing and real control to investors over the fund in the event that things go wrong. 50,000,000 Cycoins will be issued and will be listed on external exchanges before or at ICO.

Cycoin Tokenomics

Token price: 1 CCY = 2 USD. Bonus applies depending on the date of purchase.

Accepted forms of payment: BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, Credit Card, Paypal

There is no KYC requirement for Pre-ICO participants

KYC required for ICO participants

Token transfer: CCY tokens will be created during the two week timeframe after completion of the Pre-ICO and before the commencement of the ICO and transferred to Pre-ICO purchasers through a smart contract just prior to the start of the ICO stage. Purchasers can collect their CCY tokens via the Event portal, after the ICO has been completed and you have received an email from Cycoin (within 4 weeks from the end of the Pre-ICO event), that CCY Tokens are available for collection.

Token emission: Limited to 50 million CCY tokens. The will be no increase in the number of CCY tokens available.

Hard Cap: The Hard cap for the Pre-ICO is 1,000,000 CCY.

Pre-ICO: 2,000,000 USD (Hard Cap value)

ICO: 50,000,000 USD (Hard Cap value)

Timing: All token sale phases start at 9.00 a.m. UTC-5.00 and end at 5.00 p.m. UTC-5.00


Start: 24 October 2018

End date: 20 November 2018 or until the hard cap is reached.

Bonus: 20%-5%

Token price: 2 USD

Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

About The Cycoin Wallet

A multicurrency wallet (BTC/ETH/CCY) will be developed and distributed to Cycoin holders. The wallet will connect with the Cycoin blockcahin and will synchronise with the chain as transactions occur.

Cycoin holders will be required to install a Cycoin wallet and have the wallet connected to the Cycoin block chain in order to receive income distributions. Distributions of income will only be delivered where a wallet is open and synchronised with the Cycoin block chain.

Unsynchronised wallets will not receive income.



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