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ICO market is nowadays pretty similar to the Wild West during the gold rush period. It is possible to earn money very quickly, sometimes even good money, but you have to find a perfect spot, or in this case, a good project to invest. Common thing to the Wild West? No guaranties and almost no law. It is pretty easy to find bad cowboys which are going to promise you golden mountains to steal your last piece of bread. So in all this mess, if you want to find your gold nugget, you can trust just your own brain composites.

After my research, I found this project in which I really put my faith: CYCOIN. Very likely you haven’t heard about them, project is made by great team members. Nevertheless, guys have an advantage, many other teams does not: already existing product made on a very perspective field. But these are not all pluses I found in this project. Below you can read the analysis and decide on your own, do you want to send some pennies to the pot.


Cycoin is a platform that will manage a basket of crypto assets and currencies on your behalf. Cycoin is an ERC20 token based on the Etherium platform bringing all of the established transactional, privacy and security benefits of proven block chain technology to Cycoin holders. Cycoin is a wealth coin, holders will receive an asset backed coin with access to monthly income and quarterly capital distributions delivered as income. Cycoin aims to provide new as well as established investors access to the cryptocurrency investment markets with a dependable and easy mechanism to hold a pool of cryptocurrencies which will deliver an income stream, without the headache of scouring through hours of research and manual investing.

Cycoin is an asset backed coin, backed by the pool of cryptocurrencies held. Cycoin holders will receive voting power over the cryptocurrency assets held by the Cycoin company (see Coin Democracy). CYcoin will hold selected currencies that are established and real (usually in the top 100 by market cap) to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities that arise periodically in the crypto markets and top ten by margin lending currencies. CYcoin will also allocate a portion of the fund to invest in curated pre-ICO’s and ICO’s carefully scrutinized and selected by the team and external professionals in the crypto markets.

Cycoin Governance System
This design below will create a process whereby investor holdings of Cycoin are backed by crypto assets over which investors can exert control and the effect of that control is legitimised and effected via smart contracts built into the Cycoin block chain. The outcome of a vote is instrumented through the smart contract design, mandating the deliverance of the vote decision.



Cycoin is an ERC20 token based on the Etherium platform bringing all of the established transactional, privacy and security benefits of proven blockchain technology to Cycoin holders. Cycoin is a wealth coin, holders will receive an asset backed coin with access to monthly interest and quarterly capital distributions delivered as income.

Token price: 1 CCY = 2 USD. Bonus applies depending on the date of purchase.

Accepted forms of payment: BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, Credit Card, Paypal

There is no KYC requirement for Pre-ICO participants

KYC required for ICO participants

Token emission: Limited to 50 million CCY tokens. The will be no increase in the number of CCY tokens available.

Hard Cap: The Hard cap for the Pre-ICO is 1,000,000 CCY.

Pre-ICO: 2,000,000 USD (Hard Cap value)

ICO: 50,000,000 USD (Hard Cap value)

Timing: All token sale phases start at 9.00 a.m. UTC-5.00 and end at 5.00 p.m. UTC-5.00


Start: 24 October 2018

End date: 20 November 2018 or until the hard cap is reached.

Bonus: 20%-5%

Token price: 2 USD

Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

A multicurrency wallet (BTC/ETH/CCY) will be developed and distributed to Cycoin holders. The wallet will connect with the Cycoin blockcahin and will synchronise with the chain as transactions occur. Cycoin holders will be required to install a Cycoin wallet and have the wallet connected to the Cycoin block chain in order to receive income distributions. Distributions of income will only be delivered where a wallet is open and synchronised with the Cycoin block chain. Unsynchronised wallets will not receive income.

Coin Democracy

Coin Democracy exists to provide confidence and security to the Cycoin holders. It is the link between the entity which holds the pool of cryptocurrencies backing Cycoin and Cycoin holders, giving you real power over your investment.

The asset backing is set in stone by virtue of Cycoin coin democracy. After completion of the ICO, the following legal and technological processes will be undertaken and implemented on an ongoing basis.

All of the crypto assets behind Cycoin will be divested by the Cycoin company into a trust and the beneficiaries of the trust will be Cycoin holders. This means the Cycoin company does not own the crypto assets backing Cycoin, effectively you do.

Cycoin will establish a democratic voting system within our blockchain where each Cycoin will be entitled to one vote. Voting will govern what is done with the crypto assets with a majority vote deciding.



Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.


The objective at Cycoin is to create a tailored coin democracy delivered through on chain and off chain structures. Using the block chain as one mode of governance, to set the rules of governance and drive the voting system as impartial, immutable, provable and efficient. This is the on chain governance component. This couples with off chain governance structures serving to create an unbreakable bond between the coinholders and the asset of the coin (i.e. coin investor funds) as well as linking to the on chain governance system. Be a part of this project and follow these links for more information;



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