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 About CZeroMobility
     The CZero Token aims to become the de-facto currency of choice for Electric Vehicle adhering community, a one of its kind Eco Coin, The Carbon credit earning for an individual. The Token being backed by Carbon Credit savings already has a presumptive value based on a globally backed standard. The intent of CZero token is to spread the usage of Electric Vehicle Community worldwide given the motivation to earn these tokens along with the noble cause of leaving a better living environment for our future generations. The CZero tokens are designed to be redeemable against services or products on the CZero & associated like minded Partner networks, hence providing a monetizable value to the token.
☑ Introducing “Proof of Carbon Credit” protocol.
☑ Token backed by carbon credit asset.
☑ MVP Ready.
☑ 3 Patents.
☑ Govt. Accredited.
      A startup noted for its innovation by the government of India.
    CZero Mobility a disruptive startup into the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem space and is now integrating another disruptive technology “Blockchain” into its set of innovative, patented (applied for) solutions.
CZero presents CZERO tokens , the first of its kind ‘Eco Coins’
Based on a globally accepted, incorruptible system of Carbon Credits, CZERO token will be the next carbon credit system for individuals.
     CZero Electromotives & Ecosystems is a startup based out of India and is a recognized startup by Govt. India and the state province Odisha as well.
CZero is a disruptive startup fully focused on the complete ecosystem around adoption of Electric Mobility and its sustainable future.
Team CZero consists of people having decades of experience in high end technologies, software and business entrepreneurship with education degree from top Indian universities.
Some of the flagship products are cloud connected EV charging station, battery swapping station, wireless charging along with Li-Ion battery.
Fully cloud based backend software that manages every aspects of the product and its usage securely.
 CZero has developed and patented several products such as smart charging station, wireless charger, battery swapping station and a few more. All these infrastructure components will be brought on to a blockchain. Every such device and electric vehicles will be fitted with an IOT chip. These IOT devices will send usage information such as distance travelled, or electricity consumed in kilowatt. CZMT Coin is backed by the carbon emission savings done using electric vehicles instead of fossil fuels.

This Article details out CZero’s blockchain based approach, ambitions, innovative ecosystem model, patented products and strategy to solve the above-mentioned problems.

it work
 Each of the devices are fitted with IOT chip. These chips will keep sending consumption details such as electricity in kw or distance driven.
    These IOT transactions gets recorded in CZERO Network Blockchain which is a low latency ERC20 network.
    Based on usage and transactions, upon certain threshold crossed, rewards are credited to users wallet.
    User can either spend those tokens in the CZERO network for various services or exchange the reward points to public tokens on ethereum main network.
    Thus our users are our miners. This will give rise to adoption of electric vehicles.
Vision & Mission
To create a sustainable ecosystem around Electric Mobility by creating technically prudent, yet affordable EV infrastructure components and an omnipotent monitoring & support system which encourages mass adoption of EV’s & transit to clean energy conveniently in a cost-effective way.
 Lets talk about the CZMT Token
CZERO ICO runs through 33 days of Pre-ICO (6 stages) and 10 days of ICO.
Each stage has different discount rates from which following prices are derived and estimated.
Let’s do the math : 1 CZMT Token ~ $2.4 USD. How? 
-About 10 kg. or 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is produced when a gallon of gasoline is burnt.
-A traditional car travels 20 miles per gallon, hence per mile, it generates 1 pound of carbon dioxide
-Electric vehicles consume approximately 0.2 kwh electricity per mile
-Hence an electric vehicle saves 1 pound of carbon by using 0.2 kwh of electricity, costing around 2.4 cents in USA (Avg cost is 12 cents per kwh).
-CZMT Token is pegged to 100 pounds of CO2 savings or per 100-mile travel
-Hence one CZMT Token is as valuable as 2.4 cent x 100 = $2.4 USD
 -Life of an electric vehicle is longer than other types, let’s say it is 20 years.
-An average young american male drives appx. 15000 miles a year.
-CZERO has a difficulty factor of 0.95, i.e. every year he will receive 95% of previous year’s rewards.


In a life time of a car, the owner earns 1900 tokens which is approximately $4600 USD
(The above calculations are done using past 1 year’s average USA data for normal mid-budget passenger cars)
 Key highlights
• The token offering six stages of pre-sale, each stage offers 25 million tokens. The 7th stage is ICO which offers 50 million tokens.
• The tokens are not pre-minted, they are instantly minted as and when an investment is made to the crowd contract address.
• Hence there won’t be any extra tokens to burn.
• Reserved tokens will be credited to our accounts upon ICO ends.
• Funds raised from the ICO will be used to scale up current operations, build the CZERO IOT Blockchain network, country wise hardware certifications and marketing.
How to Buy CZMT Tokens :
CZMT Token smart contract technical parameters
Token Name : CZero Mobility Token
Token Code : CZMT
Start : June 10, 2018, 00:01 AM (GMT)
Hard cap : $30M
Soft cap :    $2M
Exchange rate : 1 ETH = 5000 CZMT @ Stage 1 of Presale
Project protocol : ERC20
Token Address : 0xBBb97c9C3eF95217Cc94fAF27be18324cEe538C2
Crowdsale Contract Address :     0x19315C53bBe54BAc9E2F710d075E0388E136b302
Token Structure
For more information click the link below :
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1048360

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