DABANKING   is a leading developer team that is the partner of the Ethereum Blockchain platform, with aspirations to make the blockchain utility autonomous, independent and extraordinary, gain practical experience in the dApps structure for entertainment. DABANKING   wants to create aggressive conditions that make sense with the aim that different developers can build their own applications in the same field to build this developing community.

The DABANKING project   was   brought to the world with an extraordinary mission that turned into a pioneering blockchain utility. DABANKING   plans to provide the best among the best services for the gaming community and fans by compiling the game ecosystem on dApp.

Blockchain is increasingly known on the web and, this is a fast intensive lesson if you just discovered the term ‘blockchains’, what they are like and how the blockchain game club works. Initially, you have to understand what blockchains are. Above all, the blockchain is an advanced record that is used to record exchanges and online transactions using digital currencies. Exchange is recorded sequentially and can be accessed freely.

In addition, rules and procedures can be connected to online gaming platforms. This gives you the appearance of a blockchain club that applies blockchain innovations to internet games and the lottery system. The impact of this is to give full credibility to the web-based game system.

One of the biggest obstacles and problems associated with centralized online gaming platforms is that not all platforms are transparent and trustworthy. In the end, most online games and lottery platforms place basic information such as payments, game results, prizes deliberately kept away from players. In any case, the blockchain game platform is a completely new type of online game club and is fully decentralized, without the requirement for outsiders to confirm transactions and exchanges made. This encourages trust and transparency in the gaming industry, which is why DABANKING has introduced a new Gaming and Lottery blockchain platform for players around the world.


To have the option to purchase a FomoJackpot Ticket, you need a PC that introduces Metamask or Wallet Trust on your phone. In addition, there must be ETH in your wallet to buy tickets.

When you buy a ticket, you will also mine DAA Tokens. For every 0.05 ETH you use to buy a ticket, you can mine the DAA Token. The Profit Pool will contain 10% of all ETH tickets obtained and all benefits from FomoJackpot. When periodically, a collection of profits will be paid as indicated by the structure:

  • 70% of the ETH in the collection is separated from all records that have established the DAA Token.
  • 30% of the profit group will be added to the profit group the next 2 weeks.

Every DABANKING user is     entitled to benefit from the platform Reference program so that when you introduce newcomers who buy tickets through your own reference link, you get unlimited income up to 17% for 10 levels as shown below:
Level 1: 6%
Level 2: 4 %
Level 3: 2%
Level 4: 1%
Level 5: 1%
Level 6: 1%
Level 7: 0.5%
Level 8: 0.5%
Level 9: 0.5%
Level 10: 0.5%

Games developed by DABANKING with Blockchain Technology can bring valuable features such as  :

  • Track and authenticate ownership of types of digital assets.
  • Reducing costs for third parties.
  • Secure payment system based on blockchain.
  • Integrating the blockchain into your game increases competitiveness against traditional games.
  • Exchange digital assets easily with high liquidity.


Just as I help my introduction, people no longer live with fiction, they want proof. The same thing has happened in the gaming industry. Most games are full of virtual achievements and claims that deny the real world value of its users. I remember sometime ago when I was playing a game  of Who wants to be a millionaire  and I was told I won a 1 billion dollars only  in the form of  virtual money without real-world significance. People no longer have the cold to spend so much time playing games only for them to claim gifts that are not real.

The solution?

The Blockchain technology as I said before is here to revolutionize all sectors of the economy and even the gaming industry. The introduction of smart contracts by Vitalik through the ethereum blockchain has brought many improvements to the industry with the introduction of decentralized applications (DApps) that allow information to be controlled by users themselves.

On the basis of this technology

PhotoGrid_1559195964548 ~ 2.jpg

The DABANKING platform has introduced a series of games on its platform where players in the world have enjoyed various games on the platform and it is believed that there will be a wave of players on the DABANKING platform.

Another important feature that needs to be considered in the DABANKING platform is the application of the FOMOGAM and FOMOJACKPOT lottery systems that are designed to be the first DAPP products on the DABANKING blockchain project.


The emergence of blockchain technology has made playing games easier than a few years ago. With the DABANKING platform, the game has been made easy for new and existing players to play coupled with good payments and returns on all games. It won’t be long before DABANKING game features will definitely attract players around the world.

PhotoGrid_1559196000597 ~ 2.jpg

There were many GAMING platforms before the launch of DABANKING, but none of them really matched DABANKING in terms of transaction speed, big profits and prizes for paying large dividends to token holders and many more offers on the platform.

DABANKING has introduced the DABANKING token known as DAA which will be used for various activities on the platform. Activities such as payment of Dividend prizes and much more.

The DABANKING utility Token known as DAA has a inventory of 20,000,000 where players and investors can easily get this token through playing games. DABANKING game players can easily get tokens every time they play. Players will be credited with DAA tokens no matter their match results such as a mining program for DABANKING players

PhotoGrid_1559196030796 ~ 2.jpg

DAA tokens are designed in such a way that players will be able to play games with tokens and there will also be regular token burning programs in the system so that they can provide more value to DAA tokens.


Website =>  https://dabanking.io/

Whitepaper => http://dabanking.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5146671.new#new

Twitter => https://twitter.com/Dabanking_io

Facebook =>  https://www.facebook.com/dabanking.io/

Discord => https://discordapp.com/invite/uqfMjYV

Medium =>  https://medium.com/@dabanking.io

Username:ASHIYAP Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579404

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