DABANKAN is a blockchain that I am making so I decide to do the same things I do. To achieve this, DABANKING told him because he also asked to do the same because he also made games like that because he made games like that too. DABANKING at least to make the right solution based on gambling protocols and also to be popular and fair, efficient in chips, also stable. DABANKING will also be removed so that it will reduce by the new quarter. Give your choice to have the option to decide whether to request the same number of requests as I did

The DABANKING platform was launched to create equality in the game system and seeks to protect the interests of online players as they play their various games. With the DABANKING platform, the market will return to its original state and the power of decentralization will take over the complete structure of the game system using block chain technology.

Some of the problems that affect the gaming platform include: manipulation, lack of transparency, insecurity, late payments and several others. These problems and many more are what DABANKING will solve and revolutionize the entire gaming industry. It has been observed that the existing gaming platforms always manipulate and destroy game results so that it only benefits the industry. Manipulation by the game industry is done in such a way that the players will not have the slightest idea about what happened and all that they will continue to see is a loss on their part. The launch of the DABANKING platform will restore and bring more transparency to the gaming world.
You might be wondering how the platform will bring more transparency and trust into the system, how will this be better than the other existing gaming platforms? But the real truth is that, the DABANKING platform has a way to validate games done on the platform through the use of powerful algorithms to control processes.


1. Instant income

Because each round is more than 650% of the time, it is likely to increase the likelihood of having to pay more or less than one percent. 500% of the amount spent in round 1 and so on.

2. Winning Income

There are four categories of assets that players can win when buying tickets. Users have the opportunity to win a large number of Diamond Chcest, Rubby Chest, Gold chest and Silver chest. ALSO, players with tickets simultaneously use one ticket.


The forecast pool is designed to contain 10% of the total ETH tickets purchased and all profits from fomogame. Also, every two weeks will be paid to the user. 70% Dividend is a continuous process, the remaining 30% dividend will be paid after two weeks.

The problem of the modern gaming industry

Today, the Internet has entered our lives, especially in terms of digital entertainment. Various online games, mini games, digital casinos, and bets – these are now very many in number.

But there is one very acute problem in the field of gambling, but also in other areas of online entertainment – a lack of openness and transparency. The creators of game platforms can sometimes hide the real situation, forbid players who don’t like them with impunity, etc. – and there is no control over them, because most often they cannot even be identified.

Solution from the Dabanking project 

The Dabanking Blockchain platform plans to change the current paradigm with the help of modern technology advancements. This is the use of blockchain technology and crypto currencies that will help make players trust the game platform and its owners more, which in turn will cause increased traffic and fair “white” profit increases from owners of this same gaming platform.

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Players all over the world can easily join the DABANKING platform by simply installing a metamask or trust wallet on their computer or cellphone, and also ensuring that there are ETHEREUM tokens available in their respective wallets after which players can easily enter the system and enjoy full benefits from DABANKING
FOMOJACKPOT and FOMOGAME are DABANKING project products which are blockchain based lotteries. Both are independent lottery systems with high security and transparency where both are played through a ticket purchase system.
After purchasing tickets by the players, the total ETH tickets purchased are divided as follows
50% allocated for awards, 20% allocated for instant income, 17% allocated for referral income, 10% allocated for dividends while the remaining 3% allocated for new product development

The DABANKING platform was designed in such a way that 50% of ETH sales were divided into various groups as follows:
50% Allocated to
20% Diamond Chest Allocated to
5% Ruby Chest Allocated to
4% Gold Chest Allocated to 4% Gold Chest Allocated to Silver Chest
1% Allocated for
20% Drawer Prizes Allocated to Next Round

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Gamblers and players around the world will be connected to the DABANKING platform because they will be able to use their ETH tokens to play games on platforms where only a few platforms adopt this feature.
Token Symbol => DAA
Type Token => ERC20
Total Supply => 20,000,000 DAA

60% DAA allocated to miners
20% DAA allocated for product development
10% DAA allocated for marketing
10% DAA allocated to partners

The DABANKING game platform has all the support and support it needs to succeed in the gaming industry with a group of experts in blockchain technology and DAPPS games that have formed a team.


DABANKING aims at long-term development, providing entertainment services to a decentralized application platform, giving back power to users. The development team has made a long-term strategy to make DABANKING a strong ecosystem that enables millions of customers to experience our services.

  • Q4 / 2018-Q1 / 2019:
    Build a development team, prepare detailed plans and prepare a technology foundation.
  • Q2 / 2019:
    Officially introducing the game ecosystem in DApp and starting to develop the DAB Token mining community.
  • Q3 / 2019:
    Register the DAA Token and DAB Token on a free exchange and integrate new games.
  • Q4 / 2019:
    Open the Swap port from DAA Token to DAB Tokens for users. Add a new Game Dapp.
  • When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will officially announce its own Blockchain and exchange DAB Token to the new DABAKING Blockchain.

To find out more about the DABANKING project, check the link below
Website =>  https://dabanking.io/

Whitepaper => http://dabanking.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5146671.new#new

Twitter => https://twitter.com/Dabanking_io

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/dabanking.io/

Discord => https://discordapp.com/invite/uqfMjYV

Medium =>  https://medium.com/@dabanking.io


Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579950


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