As we hope, in our world today, there are things that increase our daily activities. After work we want to rest, relax and make our minds busy with something waiting. There are many ways we can get away from stress, and that includes singing, listening to music, dancing, or GAMING. There are so many games on our phones and on the internet that will make you dizzy. Ranking from educational games to adventurous games, collected.

Enter the crypto-gaming market

Since 2008, the current compilation of Satoshi Nakamoto introducing Bitcoin has brought a change of direction in the current world system, because Bitcoin is very transparent and trustworthy, in addition to blockchain technology and generation platforms – people like Tron, EOS, STEEM and other types of year after year it continues to move to perfection, thus paving the way for the Dentilation Application Application season [DAPPS].

What is DAPP?

Dapps are decentralized applications that run on the peer-to-peer Blockchain Utility network. This blockchain allows developers to move Dapps to various sectors, ratings from entertainment, finance, gaming, real estate, health care, finance and all of them.

Welcome to DABANKING

DABANKING is a game platform that is interested in what is popular, Requested and purchased better. They only have one mindset and focus, they hope to become a pioneering Blockchain Utility platform that will create a suitable environment where Dapps can be built with and above that provide decentralized entertainment services, which are covered by agreements, support, and end-user assistance.

To use company services you must have:

  • Metamask or Trustwallet on your device;
  • Ethereum in one of these wallets;
  • Visit the Dabanking.io website   and start evaluating the products offered.

In the initial stages, DABANKING will be based on the Ethereum blockchain to scale and popularize its network. Your ecosystem internal token can also be DAB mining at POC.

Token DAB

DAB is the main coin of the DABANKING ecosystem, which aims to develop ecosystems. The total problem with tokens is 200 million.
The only possible way to buy DAB tokens is to use the Mining Wallet to mine.

Developers also cannot have these tokens as they usually do, they also have to use a wallet to mine cryptocurrency equivalent to all other ecosystem users.

Mining DAB tokens

For mining, users need to buy a Treasury Package with a minimum amount of $ 200 per ETH. The maximum package will be charged a user fee of $ 5,000.
3 types of packages for the use of ecosystem tokens have been developed: 

Gold wallet;
Green wallet;
Dompet mining.

Token DAB
 DAB Mining Strategy
In the first phase, DABANKING will use Ethereum Blockchain to build a community of users by distributing DAB tokens based on the theory of the POC algorithm (Proof Of Contribution). This is the mining token algorithm by “Dedication Proof” when locking ETH into a “reserve fund value” for DAB tokens.
DAB is a token platform for the development of the DABANKING community and will be exchanged for the DABANKING blockchain itself when the DABANKING Blockchain is officially announced.
The maximum total supply of DAB tokens in a Smart Contract is 200,000,000 DAB and the only way to get a DAB Token is to use a “Mining Wallet”.
DABANKING Developers cannot have other methods to obtain DAB Tokens other than exploiting as normal users through the “Mining Wallet”.
 DAB Mining Token
To mine, DAB Token users need to buy a “Treasury Package” with a minimum amount of ETH $ 200 (Price based on Coinmarketcap.com) and the maximum package allowed by the developer at different times (Maximum “Treasury Package” up to $ 5000)
The developer will have a function on Dapp to set the maximum package value that can be purchased at different times
Note: The “Treasury Package” value is calculated when depositing ETH and confirmed on the blockchain. The price at the time of deposit is only used for the reference price, during the time from the deposit until when the transaction is confirmed if the ETH price rises, the package value will increase, but if the ETH price drops, the value of the package will decrease. And reduce no more than 3%, If price fluctuations exceed 3%, Deposit orders will fail, ETH will be returned, the user must operate again.
There are 3 energy wallets that need to be considered to be able to exploit the DAB token:
1. Golden Trumpet. 2. Green Trumpet, 3. Mining Wallet
Provisions to join DABANKING
To use the DABANKING platform, you must have:
Metamask Wallet installed on your computer or TrustWallet on your mobile;
Having Ethereum (ETH) is available at Metamask or Trust wallet;
Visit the Dabanking.io website to start experiencing our great services.
                                                          MINING TABLE
90% DAB Token Reserve Fund
3% marketing
3% product development
2% Partners (exchanges, advisors …)
2% DAB Token Suggestion (Change DAA …)
Every time you receive an ETH or DAB Token, the Smart Contract reserve fund will immediately lock 90% and extract 10% into the developer’s funds to implement the item.
For more details regarding this good project in the style of BABANKING, please follow the following official sites below:
Username chrisana
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2633297
Ethereum address:0x86828268f7BcAd710e1D0B9deCFC64eA94bF4644

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