Welcome to DABANKING

Over the past few weeks you have definitely read a lot about the DABANKING platform, especially DABANKING Games, its features, advantages, and tokens for the ecosystem. The amazing benefits of DABANKING Games cannot be overemphasized. There are several advantages to the DABANKING Gaming platform compared to existing gaming platforms and some innovative features that will make DABANKING an exceptional gaming platform globally. I want you to know that the DABANKING project is in a different phase, and in the first phase which is the initial phase, DABANKING will use ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN ​​in developing communities for users and DAB tokens based on the theory of Proof of Algorithm contribution (POC). DAB is a Dedicated proof mining token algorithm when ETH is locked into a Value reserve fund for DAB tokens.
For this article, you will read about the DAB MINING program.
Mining DAB Tokens can be done by anyone who registers on the platform. This is an easy but profitable adventure. With the easy-to-use DAB platform, users can easily mine DAB tokens as long as they understand the rules.