Understanding dApps

Blockchain technology is believed to have revolutionized the entertainment industry. Keeping this in mind, DABANKING was created with the hope to enable environment to build Dapp by using the blockchain platform. DABANKING is keen to build a novel gaming ecosystem on Dapp which can help to effectively exploit entertainment market and provide the best service to avid gamers.

Decentralized applications (dApps) run on a P2P network of computers. dApp is an open-source software that derives its power from the blockchain technology. dApps are not controlled by any single entity. Since dApps are not centralized they are resilient, stable, autonomous, and secure than traditional applications.

How to exploit DAB Token

Playing with DAB token is fun and simple if only you understand the rules of using it correctly. It’s not a rocket science and with little brain work you can use it to earn a great deal of money.

Mining is a common term when talking about electronic currency. Mining is the recording of transactions stored on the Blockchain blocks and the “miners” are paid in the same way. In order to implement mining, the miners need to prepare specialized equipment and software, thus requiring miners to learn, carefully calculate and being equipped with specialized knowledge.

The DAB Token mining method is quite more special than traditional ones, miners do not need to install specialized software and hardware. To mine the DAB Token, the participants just have to buy “Treasury Package” with a minimum amount of ETH of 200$ and a maximum of 5000$. This makes the DAB Token mining become so friendly that everyone can easily take part in.

In the first phase, the DAB Token will run on Ethereum’s platform and the mining is based on an algorithm about Proof of Contribution or Mining POC for short.

Mining wallets

The Energy Wallets

If you are a gamer who is using DABANKING, make sure to learn to exploit the three energy wallets. Those are:

  • ​Gold Wallet
  • ​Green Wallet
  • ​Mining Wallet

As soon as you activate the “Treasury Package”, 800% of the value of package that you have already purchased will be added to your “Gold Wallet”.

Similarly, “Green Wallet” will be added 200% of the packaged value at the first purchase. From second purchase onwards, it will be added 100% of the value of the package.

Every day “Mining Wallet” will be received 0.5% the value of “Green Wallet”. The “Green Wallet” will decrease each day after deducting the amount flowing to the “Mining Wallet” of the previous day.

It is worthwhile to remember that the larger the “Green Wallet” you possess, the more energy flows into the “Mining wallet” every day. In this way, your “Mining Wallet” may get up to 10 times (1000%) the value of the purchased package.

For example: If you buy Treasury Package for the first time with the value of $1000, you will have $8000 in “Gold Wallet” and $2000 in “Green Wallet” for the first purchase.

Every day your “Mining wallet” will receive $ 10 transferred from Green Wallet (0.5% x 2000 $).

When Mining Wallet reaches a value of $ 1000, you will receive $ 8 a day from the Green Wallet (0.4% x 2000 $)

Using the DAB Token

DABANKING basically uses Ethereum Blockchain to build user’s community.

DAB is a mining token algorithm by “Dedicated Proof” when miners lock ETH into “value reserved fund” for token DAB. Gamers/Miners can obtain DAB Token from using the “Mining Wallet”. The total supply of token DAB in Smart Contract is 200M DAB.

Advantages from the DAB Token mining

To miners

  • With the user friendly interface, the implementation is so easy that everyone can join if they want to invest on Token mining.
  • Because of high mining efficiency, every day the Mining Wallet will receive up to 0.5% of the value of the Green Wallet
  • The max profit ratio is up to 1000% of the “Treasury Packaged” value, which is so beneficial that no one wants to miss it.

DAB will be the coin foundation in DABANKIN platform. The development of DABANKIN ‘s decentralized entertainment platform will directly affect the price of the DAB Token, so all miners will receive profits from the development of DABANKIN platform.


Playing with DAA and DAB token is fun and easy if only you understand the rules of using it. It’s not a rocket science and with little smart work you can use it to earn a great deal of money.

Opportunities can come themselves or created by us. But natural luck is only 1% and 99% because you find it yourself, “Opportunities do not come many times, if you know how to seize the opportunity at the right time, you can completely change your life. Hurry up! Whether or not wealth is your choice.

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