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Blockchain technology continues to be embedded in various segments of the economy and traditional markets of all existing industries. The gaming industry is also not left without attention, the blockchain is able to bring it to a completely new level of development. Today, the game industry has a lot of problems, the solution of which is not possible by traditional methods existing today and only the blockchain is able to eliminate all existing problems. It is these problems that prompted the developers of the DABANKING project to the idea of creating their own unique gaming ecosystem on Dapp, offering the world a more efficient gaming market with the best products.

In order to use the services of the company you need to have:

  • Metamask or Trustwallet on your device;
  • Ethereum on one of these wallets;
  • Go to the website Dabanking.io and begin to evaluate the products offered.

In the initial stages, DABANKING will be based on the Ethereum blockchain to scale and popularize its network. Internal token of the ecosystem you can also DAB mine on the POC.

DAB Token

DAB is the main coin of the DABANKING ecosystem, which aims to develop the ecosystem. The total issue of tokens is 200 million.
The only possible way to purchase DAB tokens is to use Mining Wallet for mining.

Developers also can not have this token as it usually happens, they also have to use a wallet for mining cryptocurrency on a par with all other users of the ecosystem.

Mining tokens DAB

For mining, the user needs to purchase the Treasury Package for a minimum amount of $ 200 per ETH. The maximum package will cost the user $ 5,000.
3 types of packages for the use of ecosystem tokens have been developed: 

Gold wallet;
Green wallet;
Mining wallet.

When you activate your Gold wallet, the user will be added 800 % of the total purchase amount.

Green wallet increases the balance by 200 % in the case of the first purchase, with subsequent purchases will be added for 100 %.

Consider a simple example: let’s say a user purchased a package worth $ 500, he will have $ 4000 in a Gold wallet and $ 1000 in a green wallet in the case of a one-time purchase.

All this is very profitable, because the Mining wallet will daily drip 0.5 % of the total Deposit of the Green wallet. As a result, in a month there is 15 % just ha storage of tokens, in a year there is a pretty decent amount, which is ten times higher than the traditional 8 % ready from all of us beloved Sberbank and other centralized banks. Did you feel the difference between centralized and decentralized devices? I think that in the future all people will understand that ordinary physical banks are very ungrateful thing and will start to dispose of their finances more competently, getting at times more income from such companies as Dabanking.

The greater the Deposit you make in the Green wallet, the greater the daily income will settle in your mining wallet. The user can get up to 1000 % profit from the total amount of invested funds.

Once you have the funds in your mining wallet, you can use them as a material for the DAB ecosystem tokens in the R1 ratio. This indicator varies depending on the courses in real time thanks to the innovative AI Bot DABANKING technology, which calculates by special complex formulas, focusing on many indicators at once, such as the cost of ETH, the circulating DAB proposal, the number of participants in the ecosystem.

The total amount of ETH that was used to purchase the package is frozen in the smart contract, so no one will ever be able to bypass the system in any way. This can not be done even by the developers themselves, so you can guarantee the complete safety of the deposited funds and maximum security for users.

The only way to withdraw back your invested ETH from the guarantee Fund is to transfer the DAB ecosystem tokens back to the smart contract.

DABANKING is a unique project that is able to put the gaming industry on a higher level, to make investing in cryptocurrency a profitable and safe method of earning for every inhabitant of the planet, which will have a positive impact on the entire blockchain industry as a whole. The project has high ratings, reliable partners and a highly qualified team that will undoubtedly bring everything started to the end. At the end of this year, new games will be integrated into the platform, the platform is constantly being upgraded and adjusted to the needs of its users. In General, the project is quite interesting, for more detailed information you can follow the links below.

The uniqueness of the text 100 % – https://text.ru/antiplagiat/5d1b7e2ead0c0

Web site: https://dabanking.io/
Information document : 
https://twitter.com/ Dabanking.io

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