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Hey guys, Are you tired of getting involved in some unsuccessful blockchain projects?


Since the last month, I have been searching for a quality blockchain based project to introduce to my followers to invest, as I have done many times in the past. At first I almost gave up as if there were no genuine projects when I started researching. Actually I thought that I could find some genuine projects and then do some background checks on them and then narrow it down to one project before bring to you. But turns out there are so much so called “genuine” projects but none of them are actually 100% trustworthy and profitable. I don’t mean there are no other trustworthy projects, in fact there are many, but trustworthy is not enough for us to invest in them. Projects should be profitable to us. While doing my research within those days, I was so lucky to come across a unique one known as DABANKING.

This is your turning point, if you are tired of investing in so many projects but haven’t got some good numbers in your portfolio? (YES, right? ;-)), I assure you, you won’t be tired after this. You will fall in love. Also if you are a one tired of the traditional gaming platforms? If you are a gamer and crypto enthusiastic, well I think then you must read the rest.




All right, here it comes,

DABANKING is a Decentralized gaming platform uniquely designed for miners, token holders as well as DApp developers. DABANKING is a team of leading Developers who were the partners of the Ethereum Blockchain platform, with the aspiration to make an autonomous, independent and incredible utility blockchain, gaining practical experience in structure dApps for entertainment. DABANKING is wishing to make a reasonable aggressive condition with the goal that different developers can build their very own dApp in a similar field to build up this developing community.

DABANKING goal is to provide quality gaming services to the gaming community and to achieve this it’s building an ecosystem for games Dapps. DABANKING platform will reduce the cost to the minimum and increase the transparency of all transactions.

Some details about the project ==>




FomoJackpot is a lottery program with new rules designed to create Fomo after lunch. This allows the chance to thousands of crypto players to win money as the crypto market is rising. The Campaign begins soon as the first round of tickets will start selling by June. Each ticket cost 0.05eth. As you buy a ticket, you mine a DAB token. DAB token will be valuable as it will be listed on a various cryptocurrency exchange in the future.

In Fomojackpot, your winning multiplier is increased with the rate of buying tickets (the faster you buy a ticket, the higher your winning multiplier), you have opportunities to increase your income up to 650%. FomoJackpot also enables you to earn when you refer a member to buy a ticket. You get up to 17%. They have a referral structure of 10levels. You get 6% from your level One referrals, 4% from level two, 2% for level 3, 2% for level 4-6, 0.5% for level 7-10.



As I mentioned earlier on the article, DABANKING is not just another project on the blockchain, it is a Decentralized Gaming platform that will solve the problems of the blockchain.

Still you are not interested? Ok, then think like this. You can imagine the number of (game lovers + crypto lovers) globally, think what happens when this much number of people decide to play games on DABANKING platform using cryptocurrency. Think of the popularity this will gain in the future. Therefore, apart from adding value to the Gaming industry, DABANKING with its innovative features will attract many individuals as well as big industries into the adoption of the blockchain technology and with DABANKING Decentralized DApp more interesting games will be introduced.


By looking at this project, we can see that very clearly there are a lot of unique an awesome features that will not only enhance users gaming experience but also will be a source of income also. The fact that DABANKING is built on the blockchain technology will draw many participants to the community.

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