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We will provide Article to present the “DABANKING” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.
Gaming industry needs to be improved and made to be extra profitable for those that partake in it. However, any revolution to it will affect the lottery system positively and that makes it very important as individuals experience the changes that is effected on the world, they may also have something to do with playing without disappointment with the aid of the way it really works. For that to be carried out there may be need for a good gaming platform to make that possible.
In the last few days I have been searching and looking for quality blockchain based projects to introduce to my followers and subscribers to invest in it. It looked as if there was no genuine project when I started researching and doing background checks on all the projects I came across within those days, but I was so lucky to come across a unique one known as DABANKING
DABANKING is a gaming project developed on blockchain network with the aims and objectives of transforming the entire gaming industries through the use of blockchain technology.
Investors have been benefiting from the introduction of blockchain technology over the years but their profits are mainly derived from crypto-currency trading. But today DABANKING has given us another opportunity to earn and profit from the power of block chain technology through the launch of its DABANKING GAMING PLATFORM.
DABANKING is a platform really worthy of our time and consideration. It is an establishment which is set aside to make gaming and playing better in the world because there are set-back affecting them and the truth that they may be improved from their well known centralized structures to a much greater and higher distributed one. This is why DABANKING platform actually based on the power of the ledger chain to launch this gaming platform and make customers able to experience the benefits that comes afterwards. DABANKING goals to improve and also bring an end to the problems inside the present gambling structures and hope to make the tasks and gaming activities extra profitable to the game enthusiasts such that they feel comfortable with it and don’t have to face any form of defeat in it. DABANKING platform may also play its function with the aid of rekindling the excitement and motivations of users toward the process so that they can gain extra when they do so.
Video About DABANKING :
DA-BANKING is a group of leading Developers who were the partners of the Ethereum Blockchain platform. With the ambition to create an independent and powerful Utility Blockchain, specializing in building dApps for entertainment. Wishing to create a fair competitive environment so that other Developers can build their own dApp in the same field to develop this growing community.


Games developed by DABANKING with the Blockchain Technology can bring valuable features such as:
● Track and authenticate the ownership of digital asset types.
● Reduce costs for third parties.
● Secure payment system based on blockchain.
● Integrate blockchain into your game increases competitiveness against the traditional games.
● Easily exchange digital assets with high liquidity.


instant income — maximum up to 650% at Zero round
Each round, FomoJackpot will deduct 20% of the total ticket sales to pay for all accounts having purchased early and 14% paid for accounts having purchased tickets in current round and 6% paid for tickets bought in the previous round. (Only in Zero round, 20% will be taken to pay off)


Prize for FomoJackpot winner:
With the operating mechanism on the basis of smart contracts and decentralized application Dapps, the probability of winning is the same, completely transparent, the results are not interfered by any individuals or organizations including developers
When having a ticket buyer, 50% of ETH sales will be allocated to the prize and divided as follows:
Diamond Chest (50%)
Ruby Chest (20%)
Gold Chest (5%)
Silver Chest (4%)
Drawer prize(1%)
Next round (20%)
There will be two countdown clocks, Green Watch and Gold Watch:
The Green Watch will be set countdown for 48 hours. Within the last 24 hours, each new ticket will add 30 seconds but the total additional time will not exceed 24 hours.
The Gold Watch will be set countdown for 48 hours. The Gold Watch only starts to countdown when the current ETH prize is higher than the previous round. At the Zero round, when the prize has at least 300 ETH, the Gold Watch starts running.
Diamond Chest
When one of the two clocks returns to 0, it will activate random dialing and Difficulty number in the current Block will be taken and transparently encrypted according to SHA256. All results are runned on this Dapps, thereby no one has ability to interfere or fake them
There are 6 prizes including:
50% for 1 lucky winner with Jackpot Prize
10% for each of the other 5 winners
Ruby Chest
Before one of the watches returns to 0, the last ticket buyer will be the lucky one to get 20% of total ETH in the prize pool.
Gold Chest
This prize is awarded to the person who has bought tickets with the largest amount of ETH, worth up to 5% of the prize pool
Silver chest
This prize comes from your community development, calculated according to the amount of ETH from your F1 (Maximum 1ETH for one F1)
For example:
If you have 3 F1s who buy lottery with respectively 1 ETH, 0.5 ETH, 3 ETH, the sale used to consider your prize is: 1 ETH + 0.5 ETH + 1 ETH = 2.5 ETH
Drawer prize
We have total 5 Drawer Winners
When one of the watches returns to 0, the “Draw Now” button will appear 5 times, in every 5 minutes from when the previous “Draw now” confirm success. The person who quickly confirms the first “Draw Now” will be rewarded with 60% of the Drawer Prize and 10% for each of 4 winners remaining.
It is completely possible for a lucky person to get all of the prizes mentioned above.
Incomes from community development:
Like other Crypto projects, community is one of the key factors determining the success or the failure of the project. The bigger community is, the more chance the project will have. Understanding that, FomoJackpot spends 17% of total ETH for referrals.
Paying for community developers is quite popular today and completely reasonable. This is a cost-effective Marketing strategy which spreads very quickly and largely in society.
Very simple, just send your referral link to other new players to join. This is a very attractive passive income when you have community or community development capability.
Income from DAA Token
Each time you buy a ticket, whether you win or not, you still get a chance to receive DAA Token (0.05 ETH for 1 DAA at the first mining stage. If you win the game, you need 0.055ETH to receive a DAA. With this ratio, the DAA number will depend on the amount of ETH you buy and play the game
DAA Token will be listed on free exchange as soon as possible to increase value of community.
For More Information You Can Visit Link Below :
Telegram channel: https://t.me/DABANKINGNEWS
Telegram community: t.me/DABANKINGOFFICIAL

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