Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) is a stage that will reform the advanced substance and media industry. DACC will set up an open blockchain that highlights possession and access the board at the framework level in advanced media industry. A decentralized document framework that contains characteristic personality and access the board (IAM) will be actualized to give clients and substance makers strategies to safely start, store, and oversee get to consents to their information and IP. IAM guarantees that just confirmed clients can get to the assets they are approved to utilize, and asset proprietors will have full power over the client validation and approval process. Content makers, caretakers, and buyers will all be legitimately and decently incentivated to fabricate a network that places content makers at the middle stage. Notwithstanding this basic foundation, a full suite of engineer apparatuses will likewise be made which will enable any client or substance to effortlessly fabricate and create content-related decentralized applications (DAPP’s) for any computerized media stage over DACC. DACC Foundation will likewise set aside an extraordinary store, otherwise known as, network advancement finance by means of DACC labs, to hatch engineer network to make creative Dapps on DACC stage. DACC will upset the computerized media economy by imaginative innovation, dispersed worldwide network and extraordinary token model and reward framework, which at long last engage genuine makers in advanced media industry.

DACC IAM Based Solutions
The current brought together model is in reverse. DACC’s IAM based stage will put information consents and access the board once more under the control of right members in the advanced media industry. DACC’s open chain will highlight IAM at the framework level,utilize IAM with information stockpiling, and insert IAM into square creation. By getting the entrance content, client, arrange information as an exchange, DACC’s stage takes into account more prominent client sway and command over their own inventive substance and their open social profile, notoriety, and system information. Clients can control access to their information, and clients can decide how they charge clients for the utilization of their information. For whatever length of time that unified organizations and information stages exist there will keep on being information breaks. DACC fathoms this issue by coordinating IAM components all through its decentralized foundation. Inside every exchange, inside each square, and inside the document and capacity framework, DACC utilizes IAM to ensure information and take into consideration information get to control at a granular dimension. Clients specifically control who has authorization to get to their own information, arrange information or substance IP. Information get to authorizations are treated as exchanges in DACC and permanently put away on DACC’s open chain. Information get to is likewise treated as an exchange that is additionally changelessly put away on DACC’s open chain with the goal that any entrance by any client can generally be followed and checked. DACC will use AI techniques in information handling and network administration advisory group to distinguish IP, client information and system information. Regardless of whether any transferred substance information is resolved as really unique will depend if the transferred substance is the main duplicate and if there is any debate including the substance. DAPPs on DACC accompany formats that take into account frameworks with uncommon DACC hubs and authorities to confirm and decide whether copyright misuse has occured. Not just DACC will give IAM based blockchain administration in computerized media industry, yet in addition it will develop the arrange monetary model in advanced media by structure a worldwide network and token economy. DACC will reform the advanced media sooner rather than later.

DACC Developer Tools
A full suite of engineer apparatuses will be made to permit end clients, organizations, and research gatherings to effectively make content-based DAPP’s for an assortment of purposes including, however not restricted to, sound substance, video content, token curated libraries, and so on. DACC’s DAPP improvement system will extract the procedure of DAPP creation with straightforward and simple to utilize secluded devices and capacities. Completely adaptable token economy layouts will be incorporated with the goal that any token charge, motivating force, and reward framework can be made and actualized to suit the requirements of the substance application and biological community being made. DACC’s wallet application can be consistently coordinated into any DAPP based on DACC’s open chain to give a straightforward and simple answer for token exchange and capacity with and DACC DAPP.

Use DACC To Develop Any Content-Based Platform

Every substance stage need solid IAM. DACC is the perfect blockchain innovation for creating content-based DAPP’s.

  • Standard Libraries
  • Further characterize IAM administrations and exchanges for your DAPP.
  • DACC Wallet
  • Full stack answers for token installments, exchanges, and capacity.
  • DACC Chain Services
  • Particular plan to coordinate with outsider stages, API’s, and Layer 2 conventions.

DACC’s stage will accompany a full suite of designer devices intended to extract and improve the way toward structure content related DAPP’s. Designers may pick to utilize standard layouts given by DACC to rapidly make DAPP’s and token economies for progressively essential use cases. Engineers may likewise utilize DACC’s standard library, wallet, and chain administration toolboxs to expand over standard formats or make new DAPP’s without any preparation. DACC’s standard library will incorporate modules for IAM and capacity just as compartments for DAPP’s. DACC’s wallet toolbox will enable designers to incorporate DACC with existing installment 20 portals, cold stockpiling wallets, and trades. DACC’s chain administration will take into consideration highlights, for example, chain data scanners and layer 2 conventions to be executed in DACC DAPP’s.


DACC Ecosystem Based on Global Distributed Crypto Community
DACC will use its locale sway in crypto industry to grow its biological system beginning from crypto medias, network and other substance makers. Center individuals from the DACC group have been building man-made consciousness innovation, online networking stages and a worldwide network in the previous 12 years. In total, the group contained center individuals with aggregate of as long as 50 years of network involvement with a client network with over 20M client base. We mean to get mechanical advancements blockchains, joining our involvement in structure network, first to the substance media industry. The DACC group has exhibited reliable reputation of structure network. The group has achieved the development of 3AM blockchain network, one of the biggest blockchain network in Asia-Pacific areas with 10M client base in 5 months. The group additionally made a standout amongst the most well known blockchain gathering, 499-square network, with 100,000 supporters. Worldwide crypto network of 200,000+ clients with natural development of 50,000 clients for each week, in significant English talking nations including USA, Europe, just as Korea, Japan and China. With driving network support, DACC biological community will develop its very own environment from computerized media that near its crypto network.

DACC x Vinci Smart Headphones Audio Content DAPP
DACC will band together with Vinci Smart Headphones to build up the first DAPP on DACC — a decentralized sound substance platform.

  • Confirmation of Recommendations
  • DAPP token economy accord calculation fabricated utilizing DACC designer apparatuses.
  • Get Paid To Create and Curate
  • Makers procure rewards for positive evaluations on astounding substance. Shoppers procure rewards for giving evaluations and audits.
  • Copyright Protections
  • All substance proprietorship data time-stepped changelessly into the DACC blockchain.

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