The DACSEE platform (“Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone”) is the world’s first fully decentralized and autonomous social ride-sharing service. DACSEE drivers purchase DACSEE Coin (a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum blockchain) but may accept fares from passengers with the same token or any other traditional fiat method. When a fare is collected, almost all of it is returned to the platform stakeholders which consists of drivers, passengers and government authorities. This unique design enables DACSEE to expand virally without assistance or control from any corporate entity. The peer-to-peer payment methods and ability for drivers to use the platform to foster their own income-producing Circle of Friends™ of drivers allows DACSEE to spread autonomously into new markets around the world, disrupting the current ride-hailing landscape.

DACSEE aims to solve crucial problems with today’s ride sharing platforms – including safety and lack of passenger loyalty.

To solve these problems, DACSEE will create a ride sharing platform in a decentralized environment. Drivers will be able to earn a sustainable income through the platform thanks to MLM-style features like a 3 level referral system, giving drivers recurring commissions over time when they refer other drivers to DACSEE.

DACSEE is active in Malaysia. The platform launched in 2017 and already has 5,000 active, registered drivers. A token sale for DACSEE tokens is underway until May 2018.

What Problems Does DACSEE Seek To Solve?

DACSEE has identified some major problems with today’s taxi and ride sharing ecosystem, including:


Ride hailing companies are responsible for vetting and approving drivers. However, in an effort to compete for drivers, these companies might be too lenient with driver background checks, putting passenger safety at risk.

Unsustainable And Limited Growth Room For Drivers:

Drivers who want to earn a decent income with Uber have to compete against each other in highly-desired areas. They face long hours and high numbers of minimum trips per day. Drivers are not employees, so companies have little interest in the long-term success of drivers.

Lack Of Passenger Loyalty:

Passengers choose a ride hailing platform based on price. There’s limited customer loyalty between platforms, and little incentive for passengers to pick one platform over another. Passengers can’t pick a specific driver for their Uber ride – like a driver they previously had a good experience with.

How Does DACSEE Ride Hailing Cabs & Loyalty Services Work?

How does DACSEE plan to solve these problems? DACSEE will build a ride sharing platform in a decentralized environment.

That decentralized ecosystem will be responsible for tasks like:

Decentralized Driver Recruitment:

DACSEE “empowers drivers to build their own fleet of drivers and get overriding commission for their referees.” DACSEE will have a three level recruitment commission scheme, allowing drivers to earn commissions from potentially thousands of other drivers – similar to how a multilevel marketing company works.

Decentralized Driver On-Boarding Verification:

When a driver comes on board, he or she needs to be verified by at least 3 other drivers. These drivers are randomly selected. Verifiers get a piece of the driver’s future commission, giving them incentive to verify as many drivers as possible.

Decentralized Safety Monitoring:

Every DACSEE trip will be monitored by 5 selected users. These users will be randomly selected based on their distance to the location of the passenger at any point in time. Users who are selected to help monitor the trip will also be rewarded with a percentage of the trip’s commission.

DACSEE also aims to provide sustainable income to drivers. To do that, DACSEE will give everyone in the ecosystem a share of the economy based on proof of work.

Some key income earning features include overriding commissions, allowing drivers to earn commissions up to 3 levels deep.

Drivers can also earn income from their regular customer base. If a passenger likes a particular driver, then that passenger can add the driver into their circle of preferred drivers. A driver could potentially build a customer base of thousands for repeat business.

Furthermore, DACSEE will give drivers a transferable and inheritable business. Drivers who have a fleet of hundreds of drivers and thousands of customers can transfer the “business” onto their children or another driver. The transfer process needs to be approved by peer-to-peer verifiers within the DACSEE ecosystem.

Finally, the DACSEE ecosystem revolves around DACSEE tokens. DACSEE tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Users pay for rides in DACSEE tokens.


DACSEE created a total of 3 billion DACSEE tokens.

840 million tokens are held by the non-profit DACSEE Foundation, based in Thailand. The Foundation will market the platform around the world.

The tokens were created on October 3, 2017.

An angel round for DACSEE tokens took place from October 17 to November 16, 2017.

A pre-ICO for DACSEE tokens is taking place until February 28, 2018, with the main ICO taking place until May 31, 2018.

Who’s Behind DACSEE?

DACSEE is led by Alex Von Karldenberg (Chief Executive Officer), Lim Chiew Shan (COO and Co-Founder), William Gallo (Chief Technology Officer), Ethan Kim (Chief Financial Officer), and Atthapon Sittichaiareekij (Co-Founder).

The company entered Malaysia in late 2017 and early 2018. They already have 5,000 registered drivers in Malaysia.

After Malaysia, the company plans to focus on South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil – all countries that are believed to have “very active yet underserved ride-hailing economies and large populations of unbanked residents”, according to the DACSEE whitepaper.

DACSEE Conclusion

Ultimately, DACSEE is a ride-sharing platform based on blockchain technology and MLM-style commissions. The platform’s name is an acronym for, “Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving and Empowering Everyone.”


For more information, please visit:

Website – https://dacsee.io/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dacsee.official

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DACSEEOFFICIAL

ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3511977

Telegram – https://t.me/DACSEE

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPTZ9TngiuEFXrD1mOjEr6w


Bitcointalk profile link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1925101

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