• What is Daex ?
  • Daex is an innovative platform which is going to become a single wallet for all exchanges. Considering the fact that trading with crypto currency is on several services, this brings some inconvenience and waste of precious time. It also deserves attention that trading from newly-made sites is even harder, because first you have to find an exchange. So the designers created Daex.

  • Project advantages

  • First of all, the service makes possible to unite the whole digital industry. All the assets will be connected to one another on the single site, which is convenient and based on blockchain.
  • Secondly, the designers will create a single user base, where there’s going to happen combining of exchanges and platforms for digital money transactions. As a result we will see a higher assets turnover as well as the liquidity of those assets.
  • Thirdly, traders will get a huge amount of tools and possibilities to invest, as well as to control their own assets.
  • Roadmap
  • In the first quarter of 2018 Whitepaper was announced, which is going to be updated. The web-design of the system was also finished.
  • In the third quarter of 2018, designers found more reliable method to keep digital data on e-wallets. Also the CVF was calculated.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2018 the deployment model and node management were tested. The first Daex’s report was made in the 4th quarter too. One more important aspect was ICO and tokens and gain allocation.
  • In 2019 plenty of late-version platforms will be tested. After successful tests the site will be launched where it’s going to have 10000 corporate clients. It’s going to include as crypto exchanges as the funds working with multicurrency wallets of the service.

  • Partners

  • Huge corporations and businesses have become partners of the project. The first partners was Tokenomy exchange. The Daex fund is going to pick up most suitable blockchain-sites for co-operation. Tokenomy in its turn will let Daex implement their own token into the service.
  • Also, BUGX security firm and HyperQuant trade company have become partners of Daex.
  • The team
  • Benjamin Gu is a fund CEO. His experience in creating software for Chinese companies and finance sphere will make the project develop its service quickly. He was the one who vitalized Daex as he had dealt with calculation on the security paper market. He took his mistakes into account and corrected the mistakes of other companies when making his own Daex.
  • Jason Tang is an irreplaceable architect of the platform. Not once he created applications based on blockchain for Chinese banks.

  • Conclusion

  • In my opinion, the platform will simplify crypto trading and save precious time. The most interesting thing is that the platform gained popularity just for its idea, because trading with crypto currency on several exchanges is extremely inconvenient. Considering the amount of tools and possibilities for investors, the service may become not just a wallet, but a separated ecosystem with many interesting functions for.
  • Official links to the Daex project:
    Website: https://www.daex.io/
    Whitepaper: https://www.daex.io/pdf/DAEX(EN)-TechnicalWhitepaper-V0.6.1.pdf

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