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The problem of polarization characterized by the concentration on specialized mining firms or specific nations can be resolved by distributed mining. Mining today is becoming monopolized by large miners with infrastructure and funding and countries with a seamless power supply are becoming the major markets. Cutting back high cost of ASIC and GPU mining methods into a more economical mobile-based method, the power consumption rate is markedly decreased resulting in the most effective P2P network with a minimum cost.

Presently, mining activities are heavily skewed towards specific countries only, and such polarization reduces the functionality of blockchain as well as its value as a currency. If the mining cost increases and the payback period of investments is further extended, this means that the maintenance cost of blockchain is on the rise and may result in its collapse in the long term. Therefore, a better technological solution needs to be provided to maintain a sustainable network.

Dago mining is a modern method of mining cryptocurrencies created by a team of experts on blockchain technologies, business experts, IT developers, economists and investment experts. DAGO mining technology based on a simple idea to meet the growth of world energy needs and increase the use of DAGO mining renewable energy sources requires large-scale energy storage systems characterized by high performance, safety, stability and efficiency.

DAGO mining has designed a mining system with three technologies all together: a high efficiency photovoltaic system that uses solar concentration panels, combined with an innovative energy storage system in salt water batteries that will bring the farm to be self-sufficient in terms of energy in 12-18 months from the start. The progressive construction and assembly of the hardware of mining uses high performance GPU (not only Graphics Cards) and ASIC Chip already on the market.

Everything is cooled by “Immersion Cooling” in order to exploit the possibility of overclock without losing stability and durability. Using the dynamics of exponential growth for both, we promote climate preservation and the welfare of the token holders. It is the physical incarnation of the blockchain spirit: a robust and decentralized system that can withstand disruptions in government policies, price structures and the energy supply.

Dago Mining offers users effective solutions to the global mining problems that exist today. The market and conditions change every day, and those who constantly interact with the digital technology market notice it especially well. The analytic agency from Denmark, which manages the bitcoin mining energy consumption index on Digiconomist, provides estimates of the growth in electricity consumption and these estimates are very alarming. Thus, 80% of the energy used for mining is produced at coal-fired power plants (China, Russia and others). Also, computing power for the operation of blockchain-registers use a similar power source.

The goal of the Dago Mining project is to realize the full potential of blockchain technologies as a strong decentralized system capable of resolving problems in public policy and the structure of energy prices.

The Principles of Dago Mining

The Dago mining project is based on three important principles:

  • Green energy – The company produces renewable green electricity using photovoltaic cells and their ability to retain heat capacity.
  • New technology – A fundamentally new approach to cooling equipment makes mining very profitable.
  • High scalability – A business model is easily implemented anywhere in the world where the sun shines.

Why Dago Mining?

The Dago mining company sees the enormous potential and benefits of green energy and offers a solution for both investors and private clients in this market. To do this, use its own power plants and deep-cooling technology ASIC miners, namely:

  • Power generation. The team has developed photovoltaic panels that provide direct energy production and heat conversion, which is converted into energy using steam turbines. Thus, there is no heat loss and there is no destructive heat release to the atmosphere. Also, a distinctive feature is that the generation process takes place 24/7, that is, at night, generation and mining do not stop.
  • Elimination of harmful effects on the environment. The team chose the most efficient methods on the market that optimize costs and harmful emissions. As already mentioned, this is a fundamentally new technique for cooling equipment.
  • Electricity storage. The technology is based on a simple idea: to meet growing demands and increase the use of renewable energy, large-scale energy storage systems are required that would be high-performance, safe, sustainable and economical. The battery consists of an electrolyte with sea water, a manganese oxide cathode, a composite anode made of phosphorus carbon and titanium, and also a jumper made of synthetic cotton. The battery uses non-aggressive reactions at the anode and cathode. Saving energy in batteries allows you to consume all the solar energy produced and control costs. These batteries are optimized for continuous cycle and ensure reliable operation without frequent maintenance.

How It Works

Dago-mining is the first self-sufficient renewable energy mine. In Iceland, the consumption of electricity equaled and will soon outpace the consumption of the entire population. This will inevitably lead companies supplying energy, increasing production with new power plants with substantial investments and an inevitable impact on costs.

Dago Mining has decided to produce the energy it will use for mining with solar thermal concentration photovoltaics, and the storage of energy (heat and electricity) in an ecological way that will give us the possibility of mining even at night. The technologies are already tested and widely used. We intend to use, for the construction of plants, companies with many years of experience in the sector and with a very high degree of know-how.

Some members of the team still collaborate in the construction of power stations and their maintenance. The various parts that make up the power plant have durations estimated in 20 years, this gives us the opportunity to plan the low maintenance they need and then to predict the costs. We can exponentially increase the power of Hash Power without impacting the ecosystem, using increasingly powerful refrigerated in-immersion hardware to increase both power and durability, while maintaining extraction capacity at high levels.

Mining Hardware

  • ASIC

Through dedicated hardware and software, we intend to develop a flexible structure capable of modifying the extraction of cryptocurrencies based on the profitability of the moment. The biggest producers of miners are also the biggest cryptovalute extractor in the world, they distribute the equipment very slowly, aware that this will increase the difficulty of mining in particular for them (Bitman etc.), in 2018 the Internet group GMO produced and launched a 33nm 7nm ASIC chip with a consumption of 3.4Kw. By assembling the equipment ourselves with the help of our partners, we have the possibility to choose the most efficient components on the market with a higher renewal speed at lower costs, already today we have a 44Th/s technology that consumes 2.1Kw, the use of renewable energy combined with the accumulators makes us independent and highly remunerative. We are not subject to increases in energy costs or momentary availability.

  • GPU

For the realization and installation of the ring with GPU we will use a video card based on the AMD Polaris chip (series of RX470, RX480, RX570, RX580) cards. We plan to use Sapphire and MSI manufacturers. Technically we intend to use Nvidia’s solutions, such as GTX series video
cards in 1070, 1080, 1080ti, Titan XP, as well as specialized solutions designed for the mining industry, such as MSI GP106-100, ASUS GP106-100. We would prefer to use cards with a memory of at least 6-8 GB as the market grows very fast. It may not be enough to use 4 GB cards to extract some cryptocurrencies or significantly reduce productivity. The farms will work on ASRock and Biostar motherboards, which support the maximum number of cards. We are considering Biostar 12GPU TB250 version 2 (12 cards) and ASRock H110 PRO BTC + (13 cards).

  • Immersion Cooling

4000 X More Efficient at Removing Heat than Air. In a two-phase immersion cooled system, electronic components are submerged into a bath of dielectric heat transfer liquids, which are much better heat conductors than air, water or oil. With their various low boiling points (ie. 49°C vs. 100°C in water), the fluids boil on the surface of heat generating components and rising vapor passively takes care of heat transfer. In contrast to submersion oil cooling, liquids are clean, environmentally friendly and non-flammable. It is this simplicity that eliminates conventional cooling hardware and results in better cooling efficiency. Compared to traditional air, water or oil cooling, this passive process results in the use of much less energy.

Token Details

  • Token: DAGO
  • Type: Utility
  • PreICO Price: 1 DAGO = 0.55 USD
  • Price: 1 DAGO = 1 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Minimum investment: 200 USD
  • Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD
  • Country: Spain
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC
  • Restricted areas: USA


  • Start: 12.30.2018 12.00 UTC
  • End: 05.11.2019 12.00 UTC
  • Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card)
  • Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD


  • Start: 05.11.2019 12.00 UTC
  • End: 06.11.2019 12.00 UTC
  • Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card)
  • Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD

ICO stage 1

  • Start: 06.11.2019 12.00 UTC
  • End: 07.11.2019 12.00 UTC
  • Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card)
  • Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD

ICO stage 2

  • Start: 07.11.2019 12.00 UTC
  • End: 07.20.2019 12.00 UTC
  • Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card)
  • Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD

ICO stage 3

  • Start: 07.20.2019 12.00 UTC
  • End: 07.30.2019 12.00 UTC
  • Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card)
  • Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD

ICO final stage

  • Start: 07.30.2019 12.00 UTC
  • End: 08.10.2019 12.00 UTC
  • Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card)
  • Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD

DAGO tokens grant their holders the right to:

  • Receive 50% of the mining activity divided as follows: 40% paid monthly, 1 month after start
  • Reinvest 10% for increase mining capacity
  • Receive 20% from the calculation power rental activity divided as 20% paid monthly, 1 month after the start 05% reinvested for increase mining capacity
  • Use the tokens to buy mining power with a 30% discount First information on ICO of new mines, others will be implemented.

DAGO Mining will reinvest 40% of the profits, for 18 months revaluable, in Hardware and Photovoltaic cells to increase the total hash power of the entire miner for the benefit of all, 10% will cover the costs of maintenance, administration, personnel etc.

  • Initial Token Issue Volume: 150.000.000 DAGO
  • Price of the token in term of FIAT currency: 1 DAGO = 1$
  • Form of payment accepted: ETH, BTC credit cards.

The unsold tokens will be destroyed or burned.

For lowest fees and safe payment we recommend to buy DAGO tokens with ETH.

Token Distribution

Use of Proceeds


For more information, please visit:

WEBSITE: http://dago-mining.com
WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dc3VwSk2vmnOCaawe13cgMXmwOM4_SrR/view
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5114211
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/DAGOMiningofficial
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DAGO-Mining-925577207590931
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Dago_Mining/
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@dagomining
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/Dago-mining
SLACK: https://dagomining.slack.com/messages/D9QJQ7YEP/details/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOW2PzorvLjc1MbkCT89QJg/featured/

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