DAO DataBroker: The Marketplace is designed to buy and sell sensor data

DataBroker DAO is a market designed to buy and sell sensor data. This is the first attempt ever made to build a blockchain-based decentralized market for IoT sensor data. Through this market, censor owners will be able to transform their device-generated data into a stable revenue stream. The platform is set to open great opportunities for different industries. In addition, it will also ensure that the data collected will be effectively utilized.
How does it work?
The stage will work with multi-sig contracts and Ethereum addresses at its center. The center of this stage is the sensor registry and the data stream that will be offered by the stage. Spilled data can be direct data sourced from IoT sensors and data offerings will be generated based on track time.
Partners of DAO DataBroker will be the owners of sensors, data processors, data buyers, and door administrators. Sensor owners who choose to offer their data will earn 80 percent of the amount earned. They will be required to pay a small recurring fee for the opportunity to install their censorship at this stage. The data processor will purchase the data in order to improve it and exchange it.
Data and processor buyers will have the capacity to secure data as administration. Furthermore, they will no longer need to make expensive equipment to get the assets they need. In addition, they will have the capacity to access data that will generally stay in the data warehouse of the sensor owner.
The door administrator will allow data to stream to DAO. The data that follows into DAO will come from billions of IoT gadgets across remote sensors. These parts can be done by Telecom organizations in each country that empowers the censor owner to offer data at the DAO stage. While the censor owner gets 80 of the revenue, the entrance administrator will get 10 percent while another 10 percent will go to the DAO to take care of the work costs.
This platform will be supported by the DTX token. This is a token based on ERC20. Tokens will be used as credit for buying and selling sensor data in the platform. Public sale for this token will be held from March 26, 2018, to April 23, 2018
Starting March 19, 2018 4PM CET
Token Price – 1ETH = 6000 DTX
Minimum limit – 10 ETH
Get 50% bonus now
Sales Token
Starting March 26, 2018 4PM CET
End of April 23, 2018 4PM CET
Token price – 1ETH = 4000 DTX
First day bonus – 10%
Tokens are distributed
Token sale 48%
Lock 30%
Platform 10%
Initial support 6.5%
Team incentives 5%
Bounty 0.5%
Visit the link below for more information:
Website: https://databrokerdao.com/?ref=btctalk
Telegram: https://t.me/databrokerdao
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DataBrokerDAO/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/databrokerdao
Whitepaper: https://databrokerdao.com/whitepaper/WHITEPAPER_DataBrokerDAO_ENG.pdf
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